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Stand in My Shoes by Bob
Wonder by RJ Palacio
The Sandwish Swap by
Kelly DiPucchio
This article discusses the
difference between Rude and
Project Happiness, specializes in
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Listening with Understanding and Empathy
This month we focused on our habit of the month: Listening with Understanding and
Empathy. We focused on a different aspect of this habit in each grade level to best
demonstrate this thinking habit!
Our Kindergarteners were introduced to the “de-bug” system and using “a bug and a
wish”. We practiced going through all of the steps in the “de-bug system” 1. ignore 2.
move away 3. Bug and a wish (it bugs me when___and I wish_____) 4. Use your
strong voice 5. Tell an adult. By going through all of steps, our Kindergarteners are
empowered to be assertive problem solvers while still being respectful.
I used this video the the 5th
graders to teach them how to use
their passions and strengths to
make a difference in the world. If
you need a smile- watch this kid’s
Our first graders learned about “cotton words” and “sandpaper words” (kind and
unkind) and we focused on how those words make us feel as an introduction to
Our second graders dove into empathy by reading, “Stand in My Shoes” by Bob
Sornson then picking shoeboxes with shoes and a story of the person that wore those
shoes. The students were asked to imagine how that person must be feeling, and how
we could show empathy to that person.
Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade also focused on empathy by learning more about others
in their class and appreciating our similarities and differences. We focused on the
Check out my guidance page
for more information about
the guidance program:
ways we can notice how someone is feeling and the keys to active listening (stop,
breath, listen, reflect). Fifth grade is even making podcasts in each class to talk
about their similarities. Each class picked similar experiences that they’ve had and
they’re sharing their stories. They’re realizing that even though we’ve been through a
lot of the same things, our experiences vary greatly! The stories will be shared within
their classes to gain an appreciation for our differences and individual strengths.