From the PTO School Store
Celebrate with a
and a private opening
from the School Store!!
So many of our students at Thomas have dietary restrictions. A gift certificate
to the School Store is a great way to make your student feel special on their
birthday! Everything in the school store costs $1.00 or less. It’s a great way to
include their whole class in the celebration!! All profits from the store go to the
Thomas PTO to help support our school. Simply fill out the form below with a
check or cash and drop it by the front office.
Child’s name: ___________________
Birthday: _____________Grade: ____
Teacher: _________________
N0. of students: ___________
Amount per child: ___________
Total amount(#of students X amt per child):_______
Cash/Check (checks payable to THOMAS PTO)
Parent/Teacher contact info: __________________
*Birthday child will also receive a special gift from the school store
*Please send questions to: [email protected] 614-560-4064
(Meg Alley, School Store Coordinator)
*contact me to schedule your private store showing
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