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December 2014

Po nting Upward

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“One kind word can warm three winter months.” Japanese Proverb

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The Upward Bound Fall Workshop was held November 1 & 2,

2014 at The Grand Lodge Resort in Schofield, Wisconsin. Participants engaged in sessions that focused on college readiness skills as well as on tips and tools for college success. Featured speakers were Jody Lewis & Katlyn


Director’s Update

Hello Upward Bounders! I hope everyone had a great time at the Fall

Workshop. I know I did. The waterpark and catered lunch were excellent and everybody got to eat (very important!) as much as they wanted. I would like to thank my students for their excellent behavior; with no complaints were called into me concerning too much noise, running, etc.

Several persons on the hotel staff complimented me on how nice and well-behaved Upward

Bound students were. During the event, several students who had not completed their career testing were tested. Beginning in early December, Judy and I will be visiting your school to provide and explain career test results with each student. If parents desire information

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Fall Workshop


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Judy Says...

Season’s Greetings to you all! One of my favorite times of the year is upon us and it is not just the brisk, cool air that is taking my breath away. There has been a flurry of activity at Upward Bound this first half of the academic year and I have barely had to time to catch my breath before I’m rolling into the next item to accomplish on my to do list. In September, the Upward Bound Program welcomed Rebecca Wisniewski to its staff, in October there were school visits and college visits, in early November we had our Fall Workshop and now that it is December, new student recruitment presentations have kept me running and up down the highway. In the midst of all this, I was assisting Rebecca with completing our annual

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P A G E 2

Director’s Update...Continued

regarding their students results please contact the Upward Bound office.

If you're wondering what I've been up to, it has basically been two things. Number One, I tried to deer hunt and Number

Two, blowing snow from my driveway. First deer hunting… I and my hunting buddy began our journey November 13 in

Michigan. Typically we drive our vehicles to Camp. However due to the most snowfall in 40 years we unloaded all of our gear onto an ATV and made many trips. Oh! Forgot, I had to walk two miles in the 14 inches to retrieve the ATV. This is when there was light snow on the ground. In one and a half days we had to change over to a snowmobile; 13+ inches during this time. Also, since our blinds caved in daily from snow weight, we gave up! However I and Thom ate very well during the 6-day period and had fun! Second, snow… In Stevens Point all of the snow had melted and I'm looking out the window thinking, not much to do for snow blowing, yeah! Next morning I wake up and there is 6+ inches on the ground and the 30 mile-an-hour wind. Time to blow! Don't get me wrong, I do like winter; it’s just those things such as blowing the snow, shoveling the snow, doing it all over again 50+ times and of course our friendly County snowplow at the end of the driveway!

What's in the works? Well on December 2 and December 4 Upward Bound has Parent Participant Workshops scheduled in

Stevens Point and Minocqua, respectively. It is very important that one or both of your parents attend a session. The major focus of these events will be Journey to College, developments at UWSP Upward Bound and Journey through Financial

Aid. Please remember it is just as important for your parents to assist you in gaining knowledge concerning college entrance success as it is for you as an Upward Bounder to prepare for college academically. The 2014-2015 recruitment period has begun. Upward Bound will only need to obtain 25 new students to satisfy its numbers for the year. Last year approximately

35 new students were accepted. The need is great, however, only limited funds are available from the federal government to assist all eligible students who seek admission.

Judy and I are beginning the early stages of planning the 2015 Summer Component. Once again, our residence hall will be

Hyer. I am attempting to have enough space for 62 students this summer versus the 60 we had last year. Also "keep your fingers crossed" summer session will be three days longer! And I promise we will be going camping for three nights and four days. Students, I urge you to keep your grades up and take hard classes to prepare yourself for college.

Think Upward Bound.


Top 10 Things Colleges Look for in

High School Students that Apply

1. Challenging high school courses were successfully completed, including Honors or Advanced

Placement courses.

2. Grades that show an upward trend over the student’s high school career.

3. Good ACT test score.

4. The student should have a deep involvement in a few activities that demonstrate leadership and initiative.

5. Community Service experience that demonstrates characteristics of a contributor.

6. Work or other out-of-school experiences .

7. A well-written application essay that provides insight into the student’s personality.

8. Letters of Recommendation from Upward Bound staff, teachers, and guidance counselors.

9. Supplementary recommendations from adults who have had significant contact with the student, such as coaches, volunteer coordinators, supervisors, etc.

10. Anything special that makes the student stand out from the rest of the applicants, including honors , awards , and special talents .

Judy Says



P A G E 3 performance report to the U.S. Department of Education. If you think compiling data and writing reports ever ends, think again kids!

Since I have had no idle hands, what the devil do I wish to draw your attention to? Well, I want to make sure I st commend the majority of Upward Bound students for their academic performance during the 1 quarter of the school year.

More students than not are exceeding Upward Bound’s academic standards and while doing this does take hard work, focus and sometimes forgoing the fun things, students who are attaining a 3.0 GPA or better will be rewarded with a healthier dose of college preparedness and postsecondary school options. Speaking of college preparedness (which is what UB is all about right?); I want to remind all seniors that they should have submitted at least one application for college admission by now.

Seniors who submit their college applications prior to the holidays will not only get to enjoy a more relaxing and stress-free break, they will be first in line for securing housing and getting first dibs at scholarship information colleges may be offering to students. As a gentle reminder, scratch that, a firm and in-your-face reminder, the UW System online application can be accessed at apply.wisconsin.edu. I will also be sending all seniors financial aid information later this month because FAFSA season will run from early January through the middle of March. The college admission and financial aid process is not difficult, it just takes some time and patience on the students’ part to complete. If you do not want to be overwhelmed with the whole shebang at once, seniors, get your college applications submitted NOW. If you are a junior, be on the lookout in mid-

February for Upward Bound to mail you information on registering for the ACT along with a fee waiver form to take this important test required for future college admission. All current Upward Bound students in grades 9, 10 and 11 should also be watching their mailboxes for their annual “renewal forms” to arrive in late January/early February. Students who wish to continue their participation for the 2015 summer session and next school year are required to submit updated health information and a new Student Contract amongst other forms Upward Bound needs to have on file.

As soon as you finish brushing the crumbs off your lap from all your Christmas cookie eating (maybe that’s just me), it will seem as if spring is here! We will all love spring because that means another set of college visits and a workshop for

Upward Bound students will take place. In the months between, I encourage Upward Bounders to set their priorities on keeping their grades up, attending school visits with the Upward Bound staff, and completing their program paperwork in a timely fashion. The Upward Bound staff will focus its winter school visits on helping students select the appropriate courses to take next year and assisting seniors in finalizing college plans and assisting them in completing their Free Application for Federal

Student Aid (FAFSA). As the “Chosen Ones”, UWSP Upward Bounders are expected to choose to be conscientious, studious, and hard-working participants and to utilize program resources wisely. If you are struggling academically, devote more time to your studies and seek help. If you are thriving in school, seek out challenges and engage in leadership opportunities. While you aim high and strive to meet your goals, be mindful that it is not always easy, it is not always fun, but YOU are in charge of your academic success and YOU must put faith in your abilities. “One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like doing it.” - Unknown. I could not have said it better myself. Have a joyous holiday season!

...So Mark Your

Calendars with These

Important Dates:

June 14-15: Summer Staff Orientation

June 16: Students Arrive

June 17: Classes Begin

June 19-21: First Weekend Fieldtrip

June 25-28: 3-Night Camping Trip










July 3-5: Holiday Break

July 11: Fundraising Saturday

July 22: Last Day of Classes

July 22: Awards Banquet

July 23: Final Fieldtrip Departs

P A G E 4

Upward Bound Program

Fall College Visits October 22-24, 2014

UW-Superior • College of St. Scholastica • UM-Duluth

Upward Bound Students participated in college visits in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota on October 22-24. In addition to taking tours of the campuses, students met with representatives of each institution who provided information on admission standards, course offerings, financial aid admission policies, and unique things each school has to offer.

P A G E 5

Congratulations to the following students for their academic achievements during the First Quarter! Keep up the great work!


Benjamin Kronberger

3.60 - 3.99

Ryan Condon

McKenzie Ebert

Michaela Galganski

Miguel Gonzalez

Shelby Keller

Koa Ah Khang

Mai Chong Lee

Mai Xe Lee

Olivia Lee

Sheng Lor

Magdalena Rocha

Amanda Rusch

Breana Stillman

Kao Lee Thao

Yer Thao

Chai Vang

Doua Xiong

Alena Yang

Chao Yang

Mai Zoua Yang

3.00 - 3.59

Kaitlin Bianga

Payton Calix

Zachery Carlson

Lisa-Coryse Driver

Collin Gardner

Reyna Gonzalez

Marilyn Graveen

Kayla Greguire

Natalie Henriksen

McKenzie Hilmer

Cierra Hurlbert

Ethan Intrepidi

Samuel Johnson

Adam Kong

Rebecca Lawrence

Xiong Lee

Alexander Martin

Trent Mayo

Caleb McDonald

Phoua Moua

Zoe Olsen

Gabrielle Rehm

Dylan Schmidt

Amanda Sergent

Orion Spaulding

Andy Thao

Bruce Thao

Kong Thao

Pa Chee Thao

Daniel Thums

Pachia Vang

Cody Walters

Arianna Welch

Eric Xiong

Athicha Yang

Chang Yang

Chia Neng Yang

Khou Yang

Pa Nhia Yang

Pa Zao Yang

Sydney Zier

Morgan Zywicki

P A G E 6

Celebrating Birthdays

Reconnecting with Friends

Learning in Breakout Sessions

Enjoying Free Time

Taking the 50 Cup Challenge

What’s New At the “U”?

UW-Green Bay and UW-Oshkosh have collaborated to offer 3 new degree programs: Electrical Engineering Technology, Environmental

Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology.

P A G E 7

UW-Parkside in Kenosha has started majors in Elementary Education (also known as

Early-Mid Childhood Education) and Marketing.

UW-Madison is adding a major in Physical Education in spring 2015, but has suspended admissions for their Languages and Cultures of Asia major.

New Course Options Program to offer

FREE College Courses to Students

Course Options, enacted as part of Wisconsin’s 2013 -2015 budget, provides the opportunity for high school students to enroll in courses at postsecondary institutions at no cost to the student. Students who take a UW System course offered at their high school as dual enrollment will be able to do so free of charge. The UW System will be covering the cost of tuition for the Course Options participants who are enrolled in high schools with pre-existing dual enrollment programs that offer both high school and UW course credit. For more information about Course Options, please see: www.courseoptions.dpi.wi.gov/.

Late December

28 Kayla Greguire

29 Gabrielle Rehm





Kao Lee Thao

Khou Yang



Arianna Welch

Jacob Kramer

15 Alex Martin

19 Blaxton Bucklew

Damion & Gage Buchanan

20 Zoe Olsen

25 Angel Brzezinski

28 Caleb McDonald

Best wishes for a great day!






Sheree Chidester

Auston White

Bruce Thao

Reyna Gonzalez

10 Kao Ah Khang

11 Robert Burgess

13 McKenzie Ebert &

Pachia Vang

16 Breana Stillman

18 Adam Kong

21 Judy Young

24 Rebecca Lawrence

27 John Jordan

28 Sheng Lor

30 Shelby Keller