General Education Committee Minutes, 4/10/13 Members present: Members Absent: Ex-officio member present:

General Education Committee Minutes, 4/10/13
Members present: H. Ausland, R. Baker, L. Calderon, S. Caro, L. Frey, K. Huthaily, J. Randall, K.
Reiser, T. Squires, N. White
Members Absent: F. Rosensweig
Ex-officio member present: E. Johnson
The minutes from 3/27/13 were approved.
Business Items:
The following Science Courses were approved. BIOM 250, FORS 241 and SCI 226 are still
pending follow-up responses.
BIOO 105 N
GEO 101 N
Introduction to Botany
Introduction to Physical Geology
Weather and Climate
The committee continued to discuss possible incentives for students to take language courses.
It is difficult for students to fit five-credit courses into their schedule. A possibility might be to
require students in extended majors to take 6 credits of language or culture courses. Flexible
scheduling and 3–credit language courses will be needed. There are diverse opinions on this
issue within MCLL, but some faculty may experiment with a three-credit option, blended or
hybrid courses. Beginning French, for example, has been offered 5 days per week or 3 days a
week. The instructor has not noticed much difference in the students learning in comparing the
two sections.
The committee was cautioned not to dilute the language requirement. The goal of a requirement
is to expose students to the initial learning in a language. Students are not going to become
fluent without motivation and work outside the classroom.
Is it possible to provide an incentive for students in extended majors to take a language
experience that could satisfy the intent of the requirement? It was suggested that the only
incentives that motivate students are money or fulfilling a requirement. One suggestion is to
market a minor in language as an essential skill for our times and the future. This should include
efforts to eliminate road blocks in scheduling.
The committee could recommend surveying students to find out what prevents them from taking
language courses. Extended majors could also be asked what their program does to fulfill the
statements in the mission statement pertaining to “professional training with international and
interdisciplinary emphases,” or “engaged citizens of local and global communities,” or “cultural
The committee could decide to provide ASCRC with a list of options for creating an incentive
without endorsing any. It would be helpful to consider the issue from the students’ perspective
with regard to a cost / benefit analysis. There is a significant difference in students’
performance when taking a course to meet a requirement compared to having a genuine interest.
One option might include the motion below. Any changes to the current requirement will have a
ripple effect across campus.
Effective autumn semester of 2014, undergraduates must fulfill the general education
modern and classical language requirement unless enrolled in a program of study requiring
more than 48 credits leading to a first baccalaureate degree. Credits for the program of
study include all requirements for the primary major including options and designated prerequisite courses, excluding general education courses unless required by the major.
Although the University is working with high schools regarding college preparedness there has been
some push back from rural areas. Other state Universities that require language may have better
access to high school language instruction. Camie will look into getting current data on students
completing language prior to coming to the University.
A major concern for Missoula College students in 2-plus programs is the number of math courses.
Not all Missoula College Students complete an AA degree before attending the mountain campus.
The relationship between the Missoula College and the Mountain Campus is complicated.
Members were asked to think about possible these possible options and to send additional options
for considerations, or their thoughts about these ideas, to Camie prior to the next meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.