Math 1010 Section 5 Test1 Name:

Math 1010 Section 5 Test1
Read all directions carefully and show all your work for full credit.
Each of the following questions is worth 10 points total. Your score on the exam will
consist of the 12 best scores on the following 14 questions taken out of a total of 120
points. Good Luck!!!
1. Solve the following system of equations using the method of Elimination.
2. Find all solutions to the equation jy 3j + 5y + 7 = 2y + 17
3. Graph all solutions of 5x + 7 > 2x 2 on the real number line.
4. Using the graph of U (x) = x2 and your knowledge of shifts and reections graph
W (x) = (x 4)2 + 5
5. Find an equation of a line passing through (3,-2) that is perpendicular to the
line 2x+y=-7
6. Sketch the graph of the inequality 3x2 2x(x 3) x2 + 3y + 9
7. Solve the following system of equations using the method of Substitution.
8. Find the domain of the function r(x) = (2x 5)(6 3x)
9. Evaluate the function T (s) = 5s 2 + j3 2sj at s=4 and s=2t+1
10. Find the slope of the line going through the points (2,-1) and (-5,4). Write an
equation for the line and graph it in the plane.
11. Check wheather the points (2,4) and (-3,-1) are solutions of the system:
12. Plot the points (2,-3) and (-8,10). Find the distance between these two points
and nd the midpoint of the line segment connecting the points.
13. Find the slope, y-intercept, x-intercept, and graph the equation 6x-2y+20=0
14. Graph the equation F (x) = j x2 + 4j using the point plotting method.