POSITION DESCRIPTION: PEER ADVOCATE Office Number: 243-4429 Curry Health Center Rm. 108

Office Number: 243-4429
Curry Health Center Rm. 108
Job Summary: The person in this position provides emotional support, crisis stabilization
education and referrals to survivors of discrimination, relationship violence, sexual assault,
rape, child sexual assault, sexual harassment and stalking and their significant others.
 Provides emotional support, crisis stabilization, education and referrals to the
survivors, and their partners, friends and family
 Staff the 24-hr support line.
 Provides information and referrals as necessary.
 Informs the survivor of options.
 Attend mandatory group supervision meetings every week until the end of the
school year.
 Work a minimum of one desk shift and one evening/weekend crisis line shifts per
 Document all client contacts with appropriate paperwork.
 Maintain the confidentiality of all SARC clients.
 Adhere to all SARC policies and procedures.
 Interest in helping survivors.
 Dedication to non-violence and to the empowerment of survivors.
 Completion of SARC Advocate Training and commitment to a one school year volunteer
 Ability to ensure confidential communication.
 An interest in and respectful attitude toward all people regardless of gender, culture,
ethnic group, religion, or sexual orientation.
 Ability to respond appropriately to a crisis situation.
 Ability to communicate effectively and work cooperatively with a variety of people.
 Ability to consistently participate in and learn from constructive feedback.
Office Number: 243-4429
Curry Health Center Rm. 108
For the
Peer Advocacy Program
At the
Student Advocacy Resource Center
Becoming a SARC advocate provides you with an excellent opportunity to become involved
with positive change on campus while learning valuable skills in crisis intervention and
advocacy. As a peer advocate working with the Student Advocacy Resource Center (SARC),
you will be a part of a program based on the empowerment model, or a model where survivors
are assisted, supported and given tools to reclaim their power. Upon completion of 40 hours of
training and after an approval process, SARC advocates provide the following services: medical,
legal and academic advocacy as well as resources/referrals and emotional support to clients.
Independent Study or internship credits are available through some departments.
SARC advocates are carefully selected, beginning with a written application. Applications are
due on May 8th, 2015 by 5:00pm to be considered for the Fall 2015 training, however
applications received after this date may still be considered. Applications can be dropped off at
SARC which is located in the east entrance of the Curry Health Center, upstairs in Room 108.
Applications are also available via email. SARC appreciates all efforts to turn in applications
early. After reviewing applications, we will select individuals to interview before training begins.
Contact SARC at 243.6429 with any questions or e-mail: [email protected] for more
information or to receive an electronic application.
Office Number: 243-4429
Curry Health Center Rm. 108
For the
Peer Advocacy Program
At the
Student Advocacy Resource Center
University affiliations (clubs, groups, etc.)____________________________________________
Please answer the following questions: (attach page if you need more space)
1) Why do you want to be a peer advocate at SARC?
Office Number: 243-4429
Curry Health Center Rm. 108
2.) What pertinent skills or experience do you have that you think would be helpful to you as an
advocate? Please list relevant experience in crisis intervention, phone work, personal
experience, etc.
3.) Why do you think interpersonal violence (stalking, relationship violence, and sexual assault)
occurs so prevalently in our culture?
4.) How are the issues of relationship violence, stalking and sexual assault related to forms of
oppression such as racism, sexism, homophobia, heterosexism, classism, etc?
How do these issues affect you? How will they affect your work as an advocate?
Describe your comfort level with looking at these biases in yourself and our culture.
How would you address a fellow advocate or SARC staff if you heard someone make a
homophobic remark?
Office Number: 243-4429
Curry Health Center Rm. 108
How would you respond if a fellow advocate confronted you on a comment you made?
5.) Please address how you would work with the following groups: male survivors, gay men,
lesbians, individual with strong religious beliefs, bisexual men and women, transgender men and
women, women seeking abortions, people of color.
6.) Imagine you are working with a person who is in an abusive relationship and not ready to
leave that relationship. The SARC training will prepare you to support whatever decision they
make, however this can be difficult personally. How would you respond? What services might
you offer this person?
Why do you think a person might stay with an abusive partner?
7.) Imagine that you are working with a rape survivor. SARC training will provide you with the
tools to support the survivor in making her/his own choice. This survivor tells you that s/he does
not want to report. Describe any feelings that might bring up.
Office Number: 243-4429
Curry Health Center Rm. 108
8.) An important aspect of the SARC experience is working closely with the staff and other
Advocates. We emphasize the importance of teamwork, open communication, feedback, support,
and responding respectfully with differences and conflict. What aspects of working as a member
of this team may be most challenging for you?
What strengths do you think would contribute to the process?
Would you be willing to seek supervision, or suggest a referral, if you find you are having
difficulty working with someone?
9.) SARC relies on the dedication and commitment of advocates to ensure that we can offer the
services we do. There is a significant time commitment required to be a SARC Advocate.
40 hours of required advocate training.
Can you commit to working two 2-hour shifts in the office or one 2-hour shift and one
overnight phone shift each week?
Are you willing and able to attend the weekly Advocate Meeting?
(Weekly mandatory meetings are held Tuesdays from 4-5:00pm)
Can you commit to a minimum of one school year?
RETURN THIS APPLICATION to the SARC office by 5:00 PM, May 8th, 2015.