1 THE COB LONG-TERM STRATEGIC PLAN (2015-2019) Strategic Plan 2015‐2019 

March 6, 2015 initial draft; August 3, 2015 revised; Approved on Oct 23, COB Faculty
Strategic Plan 2015‐2019 GOAL 1: Achieve Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Objective 1.1: Improve the Quality of Teaching
Strategy 1.1.1
Teach a contemporary curriculum
Strategy 1.1.2
Upgrade faculty competencies on a continuous basis
Strategy 1.1.3
Partner with business and industry to make the curriculum relevant
Strategy 1.1.4
Provide travel support for faculty to attend teaching conferences
Objective 1.2: Improve Student Learning
Strategy 1.2.1
Implement high quality assessment (AOL) processes for continuous
Strategy 1.2.2
Develop student skills in teamwork, communication, leadership, ethical
decision-making, and problem-solving
Strategy 1.2.3
Establish a strong tutorial services for student academic support
Objective 1.3: Ensure the state of art technology for teaching and learning
Strategy 1.3.1
Ensure all classrooms to have the best technology for teaching
Strategy 1.3.2
Ensure faculty make good use of e-Courses to enhance their teaching
Strategy 1.3.3
Encourage faculty to use innovative methods and technologies to enhance
student learning (social media, flipped classroom, other)
GOAL 2: Excellence in Research
Objective 2.1: Maintain AACSB standards on faculty academic qualifications
Strategy 2.1.1
Recruit and retain faculty who are committed to high quality intellectual
Strategy 2.1.2
Create a culture conducive to mentoring and collaboration (faculty, student)
in scholarship
Strategy 2.1.3
Strengthen the COB publication standards for tenure and promotion
Strategy 2.1.4
Encourage faculty to write grant proposals to support their research
Strategy 2.1.5
Encourage faculty to engage in collaborative research with colleagues in
other campuses
Strategy 2.1.6
Establish specialized Centers for Research (Economics, Business)
Objective 2.2: Achieve high-quality research
Strategy 2.2.1
Recruit faculty with a track record in high-quality research
Strategy 2.2.2
Greater emphasis on quality publications for tenure and promotion
Strategy 2.2.3
Strengthen publication standards for graduate faculty
GOAL 3: Excellence in Service
Objective 3.1: Develop alliances with stakeholders
Strategy 3.1.1
Ensure the Dean’s Advisory Board is more engaged with the COB
Strategy 3.1.2
Support the Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
Strategy 3.1.3
Encourage faculty interaction with local businesses
Strategy 3.1.4
Encourage faculty participation on University committees
Strategy 3.1.5
Invite experts form industry to present to faculty and students
Strategy 3.1.6
Establish workshops on financial literacy for campus students
GOAL 4: Excellence in Enrollment Management
Objective 4.1: Increase student enrollment and diversity
Strategy 4.1.1
Attract scholarships to recruit/retain academically talented students
Strategy 4.1.2
Build partnerships with community colleges
Strategy 4.1.3
Strengthen off-site programs in NWHC and online
Strategy 4.1.4
Reach out to under-represented student populations for recruitment
Strategy 4.1.5
Use diagnostic testing scores for improved advising and registration
Objective 4.2: Increase student retention
Strategy 4.2.1
Strengthen admission standards
Strategy 4.2.2
Organize tutorials in the College of Business
Strategy 4.2.3
Seek mentors (faculty, alumni, board) for students
Goal 5: Strengthen the Financial Base for Long-Term Sustainability
Objective 5:1: Increase and diversify revenue sources
Strategy 5.1.1
Seek funding from agencies and foundations for outreach and research
Strategy 5.1.2
Strengthen fundraising from alumni, board, and businesses
Strategy 5.1.3
Deliver non-credit continuing (and executive) education programs
Strategy 5.1.4
Develop off-campus programs in NW Houston (EMBA, other)
Strategy 5.1.5
Develop partnerships across campus for resources and revenues
Strategy 5.1.6
Develop stand-alone certification programs in NWHC
Goal 6: Enhance the Standing of the College of Business
Objective 6:1: Enhance the College brand
Strategy 6.1.1
Maintain AACSB International accreditation
Strategy 6.1.2
Improve marketing of the COB programs, success, and services
Strategy 6.1.3
Build alliances with other institutions in greater Houston
Strategy 6.1.4
Improve public relations efforts with unique and innovative projects
Strategy 6.1.5
Increase the effectiveness of the COB homepage and social media avenues
to highlight faculty and student achievements
Strategy 6.1.6
Increase faculty success in impactful and relevant research
Strategy 6.1.7
Strengthen relations with local, state and federal agencies