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Curriculum Change Notification, 5/25/11
The following list of curriculum changes was approved by the
Faculty Senate Spring 2011.
Curriculum Forms are archived at:
College of Arts and Science|
Davidson Honors College
HC 122 E
Ways of Knowing II
HC 202
New course
General Education Designations:
Group VIII: Ethics and Human
Values, and
Group IX: American & European
Introduction to Civic Leadership Change title from Introduction to
Student Leadership
ARAB 307
Model Arab League Delegates New Course
ARAB 317
Model Arab League Staff
New Course
Division of Biological Sciences
Upper-division Add BIOL 460, BIOB 425, BIOL 484 to distributed model
Modern and Classical Languages
JPNS 371
Japanese Film
New course
Native American Studies
NAS 202
Oral and Written Traditions
Women and Gender Studies
Update catalog language
General Education Designation
Group V: Literary & Artistic Studies