Prerequisite Revision Review Prefix & Course #

Prerequisite Revision Review
I. Summary of Prerequisite Revision
Dept / Program
College of Forestry
Prefix & Course #
Course Title
Ecological Restoration Capstone
Has the Department gone through common course review?
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If Yes or In Process please use new rubric / numbers.
Rationale 
The prerequisites are being stated more specifically to assist with electronic prerequisite checks (e.g., instead
of stating one ecology course we now list all relevant ecology courses). Please note that the change in course
name and number of credits has been approved by ASCRC.
II. Endorsement/Approvals
Complete the form and obtain signatures before submitting to Faculty Senate Office
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Cara Nelson
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Cara Nelson
If one or more of the prerequisite courses specified is
new to the course description:
Is the new prerequisite offered by a department or
program other than the Requesting Department?
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Biological Sciences________________________
If YES, obtain signature(s) from the Chair/Director of
any such department/ program before submission.
III. Catalog Language
Language must be specific and verifiable through Banner.
1. Current course information at it appears in catalog 2. Full and exact entry (as proposed) 
( 
U 444 (FOR 444) Integrative Ecology
Restoration 3 cr. Offered spring. Prereq., junior or
senior standing and successful completion of FOR
265 and completion or concurrent enrollment in FOR
365 or consent of instr. This course covers the nuts
and bolts of designing restoration and monitoring
plans. Students are required to develop and submit a
restoration or monitoring plan for their final project.
U 444 (FOR 444) Ecological Restoration
Capstone 5 cr. Offered spring. Prereqs., junior
or senior standing; NRSM 265; one advanced
ecology course (BIOE370, BIOE 428, BIOE447,
BIOE448, FORS330, NRSM462); and
completion or concurrent enrollment in NRSM
365. This service-learning course teaches
students about designing and implementing
restoration and monitoring projects. The course
includes lectures, labs, and hands-on experience
working with ecologists and restoration
practitioners from local government agencies,
NGOs, or other organizations.
IV Copies and Electronic Submission. After approval, submit original, and electronic file to the
Faculty Senate Office, UH 221,