University of Minnesota: SOIL AND WATER RESOURCE

University of Minnesota: SOIL AND WATER RESOURCE
Are you interested in Soil & Water Conservation or simply looking for an opportunity to learn about
natural resource management in a different culture?
Through our partnership with the University of Minnesota International Programs Office UW-Stevens
Point students have been invited to apply for openings on this exciting summer field course in Morocco.
The trip is going either way, but they have some extra spaces available for students at the junior or
senior level to participate in this 3 credit summer experience May 29th to June 19th (this summer -2014). More details on the trip can be found here:
I’ve worked with several students to participate in the UMN Nepal Experience, so I’m happy to answer
questions about how this process would work if there are students who have a serious interest in going
on this trip. Make sure to check out the details, including the mostly inclusive cost of approximately
$5,500. The official deadline for applications has passed so you will need to act quickly if you are
interested in participating in this trip (they are extending this deadline to invite UWSP students to come
along), so let me know as soon as possible and I’ll help direct you on how to apply.
Aaron Thompson, Ph.D.