Accessing your Math Account

Accessing your Math Account
By virtue of being registered for a math class, you have an account on
the math computers. One place to access these is in the Math Center. All of
the software recommended for the course can be found on these computers.
The following steps describe how to log in. Note: If you registered late for
the course, your account may not have been set up. Let me know if you have
any trouble.
1) Your username is given by the following formula:
c-(first letter, last name)(last letter, last name)(first letter, first
name)(middle initial)
Do not type the parentheses in your username, and use all lowercase letters.
For example, if your name is David A. Hartenstine, your username would be
c-heda. If you do not have a middle initial, leave the last slot blank.
2) Your password is the four (or three) letters following the dash in your
username, followed by the last four numbers of your student id number.
3) It is recommended that you change your password.
4) Save files into your home directory. This is where you are when you log
in. If you are not in your home directory, you won’t have write privileges.
The computing lab in the Math Center is open from 8 to 8, Monday
through Thursday, and from 8 to 6 on Friday. You may also use the terminals
in South Physics 205 (log in to one of the math servers). Here you can
request swipe card access (so that you can use the computers 24/7). To do
this online, go to the physics department homepage (
Choose “Request Access” under the QuickLinks. From here, choose the math
student option. The name of the printer there is spps. It is also possible to
log in remotely. You can find instructions for this on the math department
website, or you could talk to a lab assistant.