Syllabus MATH 52-30 Intermediate Algebra Fall Semester 2007 Distance Learning

MATH 52-30 Intermediate Algebra
Fall Semester 2007
Distance Learning
Mrs. Mariza Martinez
Phone: 763-7743
Email: [email protected]
Intermediate Algebra Eighth Edition
Course Information
Tests (100%): Chapter Exams will be given approximately every 1 or 2 weeks. The course will cover
chapters 4-11. A chapter test will be given at the end of each chapter and a final exam at the end of the
semester. All exams must be proctored. Each exam will be 2 hours in length and will cover the material in
the homework assignments. See Course Calendar for details. Any missed test will receive a score of 0. A
calculator may be used on all tests. Students will be allowed to drop one test or the final. Grades will be
calculated by averaging all test scores including the final exam after the lowest score is dropped. Graded
exams will be available at the LRC for students to view. You can also review your grade on the World Wide
Web follow these steps.
• Step1: Go to
• Step 2: Select your class under WebGrade Reports.
• Step 3: Enter your Student ID and Password
Student ID: last four digits of your social security number
Password: social security number (no dashes)
• Step 4: Your name will appear. View your grade report by clicking on Student Summary.
Proctored information: You may take your exam in the Taft College Learning Resource Center (LRC). You
should call the LRC at 661-763-7783 at least one day before you plan on taking the exam to be sure it is
available. Check the LRC hours to be sure it is open when you plan to take the test. Testing is not available all
hours. If you cannot come to the Taft College LRC to take your exams, you are responsible for finding an
acceptable individual to proctor (supervise) your exam. Relatives cannot be approved proctors. Your proctor
must be pre-approved. Use the form at the following address for proctor approval Try to get the proctor form to me by the
end of the first week of classes. Allow at least two weeks for your proctor to receive the exams. You are
responsible for monitoring your own deadlines. Your proctor may not fax or email your exams. If you drop
the class you need to ask your proctor to return all tests to me.
Homework: Homework does not need to be turned in. The main objective is to make every effort to master
the concepts before taking each test. The practice tests at the end of each chapter are very similar to the
problems on the tests. There will be no surprises in this course; if you can do the homework and chapter tests
at the end of each chapter, you should do well on the tests. The answers to all the practice test problems are in
the back of the book.
Grade Scale: A-100%-90%, B- 89%-80% , C-79%-70%, D -69%-60% , F- Below 60%
Attendance: Because this is a distance learning class it is very important that you maintain communication
with me to ensure that you do not get dropped. A student may be dropped from the class if he or she is not
making “Continuing Progress”. “Continuing Progress” is defined as taking the exams as scheduled on the
Course Calendar. Email me or call me after each exam stating that you have taken the exam and that your
proctor will be mailing it in.
Extra Help: If you need additional help, you can see me during office hours. Math tutors are also available
during scheduled hours in the Math Lab (S-7).
Deadlines for distance learning courses follow the same schedule as traditional courses. The date a drop is
turned in to the Counseling Center will be considered the last date of attendance.
Chapter 4 & 5 Test
Chapter 6 Test
Chapter 7 Test
Chapter 8 Test
Chapter 9 Test
Chapter 10 Test
Chapter 11 Test
Must be mailed by September 7, 2007
Must be mailed by September 21, 2007
Must be mailed by October 5, 2007
Must be mailed by October 12, 2007
Must be mailed by October 26, 2007
Must be mailed by November 2, 2007
Must be mailed by November 16, 2007
Must be mailed by December 7, 2007
Suggested homework problems. Homework does not need to be turned in . Be aware of deadlines.
Review Linear Eq. pgs. 62-63: 11-41 odd
Chapter 8 Review End of chapter 8 test
Review Linear Eq. pgs. 63-64: 43-73 odd
Chapter 8 Test
Must be mailed by
Oct. 12th
Sec. 4.1
3-42 multiples of 3
Sec. 9.1
1-57 odd
Sec. 4.2
3-54 multiples of 3
Sec. 9.2
3-93 odd multiples of 3
Sec. 4.3
3-54 multiples of 3
Sec. 9.3
3-111 odd multiples of
Sec. 4.4
1-23 odd
Sec. 9.4
3-45 multiples of 3
Sec. 4.5
3-69 multiples of 3
Sec. 9.5
3-81 odd multiples of 3
Chapter 4 Review
End of chapter 4 test
Sec. 9.6
1-47 odd
Sec. 5.1
3-54 multiples of 3
Sec. 9.7
3-72 multiples of 3
Sec. 5.3
3-39 multiples of 3
Chapter 9 Review End of chapter 9 test
Chapter 5 Review End of chapter 5 tests
Chapter 9 Test
Must be mailed by
Oct. 26th
Sec. 10.1
1-41 odd
Chapter 4 & 5
Must be mailed by
Sep 7th
Sec. 6.1
3-117 odd multiples of 3
Sec. 10.2
1-35 odd
Sec. 6.2
1-55 odd
Sec. 10.3
3-42 multiples of 3
Sec. 6.3
1-33 odd
Sec. 10.4
3-30 multiples of 3
Sec. 6.4
3-66 multiples of 3
Sec. 10.5
1-31 odd
Sec. 6.5
1-23 odd
Sec. 10.6
1-31 odd
Chapter 6 Review End of chapter 6 test
Sec. 10.7
3-39 multiples of 3
Ch. 10 Review
End of chapter test
Chapter 6 Test
Must be mailed by
Sep 21
Sec. 7.1
1-55 odd
Chapter 10 Test Must be mailed by
Nov. 2nd
Sec. 7.2
Sec. 7.3
Sec. 7.4
Chapter 7 Review
Chapter 7 Test
Sec. 8.1
Sec. 8.2
Sec. 8.3
1-37 odd
1-45 odd
1-33 odd
End of chapter 7 test
Must be mailed by
Oct. 5th
3-78 multiples of 3
3-66 multiples of 3
1-19 odd
Sec. 8.4
Sec. 8.5
1-35 odd
3-54 multiples of 3
Sec. 11.1
Sec. 11.2
Sec. 11.3
Sec. 11.4
Sec. 11.5
1-33 odd
1-21 odd
1-41 odd
1-29 odd
1-23 odd
Sec. 11.6
Ch. 11 Review
Chapter 11 Test
3-60 multiples of 3
End of chapter test
Must be mailed by
Nov. 16th
Must be mailed by
Dec. 7th
Note: Multiples of 3 means 3, 6, 9, 12 ect
Odd Multiples of 3 means 3, 9, 15, 21 ect
The Chapter tests will only cover the sections listed. For the end of chapter test review due only problems
covered in those sections.
Your text book comes with software that can help you with your homework. Even though you do
not need to turn in homework you can still use it. It will help you solve a problem step by step, walk you
through an example and allows you to view a videotape of the any section. You can either do the problems
from your text book or work on the homework on MyMathLab. Following is some information about
MyMathLab software.
MyMathLab is an interactive website where you can:
Self-test to improve your math skills.
Study more efficiently. Create personalized study plans with exercises that match your book.
Get help when you need it. Includes multimedia learning aids like videos and animations.
Talk to a live tutor via a toll free number.
What do I need to get started?
What steps do I take next?
Take the access card that was packaged with the text, review the grid above one more time and then follow
steps 1 - 8 below.
1) Go to and click on Register.
2) Enter your six-word student access code, school zip code and country. Enter the Course ID
3) Fill in the requested information, and then create your unique Login Name and Password. It’s
recommended that you use your email address as your login name.
4) Return to and log in. At the Welcome page, click on the course you are
5) The first time you enter the site from your computer and anytime you use a new computer, click on
the software Installation Wizard on the Announcements page or on the navigational buttons on the
bottom left side of the screen. This wizard will walk you through the installation of the software you
will need to use the MyMathLab resources. Note: the software may already be installed in the school
lab. Check with your lab administrator.
6) Technical problems? Call Tech Support at 800-677-6337, Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm EST.
7) Additional help can be found on the Announcements page by clicking on Student Help or viewing the
tip sheets.
Don’t forget, MyMathLab includes FREE access to the AW Tutor Center.
Toll free 888-777-0463, Sunday to Thursday 5pm – 12am EST.