49th Faculty Senate

49th Faculty Senate
December 4, 2014 – 3:30 PM
Robert C. Voight Faculty Senate Chambers – 325 Graff Main Hall
Vol. 49, No. 8
Roll Call
a. Present: M. Allen, J. Anderson, C. Angell, K. Beyer, G. Cravins, M. Current, T. DocanMorgan, N. Eschenbaum, R. Fowler, T. Gendreau, P. Haried, D. Hart, K. Hunt, S. Kelly,
T. King-Heiden, J. Kirsch, W. Maas, R. McKelley, M. Rott, B. Seebach, J. Shanks, B.
Shrestha, K. Terpstra
b. Excused: L. Caya
Minutes of November 20 approved
a. Provost (represented by AVC Bob Hoar):
i. Chancellor Gow will hold an open forum on Monday, 12/8/14 from 3:00-4:00
PM in the Cameron Hall of Nations to provide attendees with updates on news
from UW-System.
ii. A reception honoring Professor Scott Cooper, the 2014 Wisconsin Professor of
the Year, will be held on Wednesday, 12/10/14 in Murphy 150 (the ICE Space)
from 4:00-5:00 PM.
iii. Fall Commencement will be held on Sunday, 12/14/14 at 11:00 AM at the
La Crosse Center.
iv. The Search and Screen for the Director of Academic Advising and Career
Services has launched.
v. Questions:
1. AVC Hoar was asked if the search committee for the Academic Advising
Director had been rolled over from the previous search. No one present
could address this, but Corey Sjoquist (Director of Admissions) was
identified as the committee chair.
b. Faculty Senate Chair (Bradley Seebach):
i. Chair Seebach noted that most of the administrators who usually address Faculty
Senate were at the Board of Regents meeting in Madison for the decision about
the proposed Fieldhouse. Both UW-L and UW-Madison presented Fieldhouse
proposals to the Board. Concerns about additional costs to students as a result of
this project have been raised, but the level of approval in the referendum is
indicative of student demand.
Approve list of December 2014 Graduates:
i. Discussion: (none)
ii. The list of December 2014 graduates was approved contingent upon the
successful completion of the requirements for their respective degrees.
Report of results of National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and the Beginning
College Student Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) (Patrick Barlow, Assessment
a. This is the ninth time our campus has taken these surveys. The summary report presented
to the Faculty Senate included both "accolades" and "action items."
b. The surveys were administered to 828 first year and 674 senior students, and consisted of
three major sections: standard items and demographics, UW-consortium, and experiences
with writing.
c. Our students' responses were subsequently compared with those from their UW-System
peers, the Carnegie class, and the entire group of participants from the 2013/2014 surveys.
d. Accolades: UW-L students reported having access to high impact practices, a supportive
campus environment, improvement in engagement indicators, improvement in writing
experiences, high overall satisfaction, and high desire to return.
e. Action Items: UW-L students responded less favorably in terms of exposure to multiple
perspectives, first year students' ability to connect with faculty, and course access for
lower division students.
Discussion: In light of the data presented, it was suggested that a stronger first year
experience might be needed. Discussion about the percentage of UW-L students who take
UWL 100, the demand for UWL 100, first year advising, and the number of undeclared
students ensued.
Academic Program Review Report - Information Systems (Barbara Bennie (APR) and Kuang
Wei Wen (IS):
a. There were no serious areas to address, and the APR recommended review in the next
regularly scheduled cycle.
b. Discussion: It was noted that the Department of Computer Science provides several
courses toward the IS major, but CS was not included in the discussion between APR and
c. The report was remanded to APR for further consideration, M/S/P, one dissent.
VII. Additional members to search/screen committee for CBA Dean: Scott Dickmeyer and
Eddward Herron:
a. Discussion: Handouts listing the actual wording of the requirements for composition of a
Dean's search and screen committee (as a means of clarifying the need for additional
members on the CBA and CLS Deans' committees) were provided for the senators to
b. It was requested that the membership of the two committees be made generally available.
c. The motion from SEC was approved, M/S/P.
VIII. Additional members to search/screen committee for CLS Dean: Chris Frye and Carol Oyster:
a. Discussion: (none)
b. The motion from SEC was approved, M/S/P.
PTS Committee statement on Merit (Mike Tollefson (CST), Chair of PTS):
a. Background: PTS compared the merit policies from many departments. The statement
drafted as a result of this comparison is designed to encourage discussion between
departments and to make sure that, in years where there is money for merit, it is
distributed fairly.
b. The document presented is designed solely for faculty; if approved, Chair Seebach will
send it to IAS-PC for their consideration.
c. Discussion: It was noted that the technique of "rolling averages" could benefit faculty
members who do not happen to be meritorious in a year where merit pay is available.
This was listed in the PTS document as a best practices approach.
d. Chair Seebach was asked to disseminate the document to the faculty.
e. The motion to approve this statement for distribution was approved, M/S/P.
Old Business:
New Business:
XII. Adjournment at 4:54 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Janet Kirsch