Salary Equity Adjustment Policy

Salary Equity Adjustment Policy
A. Department bylaws will include policy for the consideration of individual salary equity
issues within the department and for forwarding requests for salary equity
adjustments to their Dean. Consideration of individual equity requests will depend
upon the availability of funding. Equity requests will be based upon instances of
inversion (substantially dissimilar salaries for individuals with substantially similar
qualifications and records), compression (reduction in the spread of salaries within
and between ranks over time, often the result of hiring salaries increasing faster than
pay plan increases) and retention (individuals who are offered higher salaries for
comparable positions at other institutions).
B. Requests for equity adjustments may be initiated by individuals or as a result of
departmental review. If a department does not support an individual request the
individual may appeal directly to their Dean.
C. Departments will be provided with salary data for their units which allows them to
make comparisons and judgements about equity adjustments.
D. The Provost will prepare an annual report summarizing equity salary adjustments
and distribute the report to the College Deans and the Faculty Senate Chair.