45 Faculty Senate March 24, 2011 – 3:30p.m.

45th Faculty Senate
March 24, 2011 – 3:30p.m.
Robert C. Voight Faculty Senate Chambers – 325 Graff Main Hall
Vol. 45, No. 11
I. Roll Call.
Present: M. Abler, C. Angell, J, Baggett, J. Bryan, B. Butterfield, G. Cravins, T. Gendreau, K. Hoar, J.
Holman, K. Hunt, E. Kraemer, R. LeDocq, M. Leonard, R. Mikat, M. Rott, S. Senger, S. Shillinger , M.
Tollefson, and B. Van Voorhis
Excused: D. Buffton, S. Jessee, D. Lake, and W. Maas
Absent: C. Lee
II. Minutes of March 3, FS approved.
III. Reports.
a. Chair (Becky LeDocq):
 Elections for the 46th FS are in progress. Votes are cast through Qualtrix and
reminders will be sent out only to those who have not voted. Voting ends on Friday,
April 1.
 Open Houses scheduled for Friday, March 25, in Cleary Center: 2:00-3:00pm
Chancelor Gow Open Forum and 3:00-4:00 New Cowley Hall Science Building Open
Forum led by Bob Hetzel
 Rev. Jesse Jackson will be speaking at UWL on Tuesday, March 29, at 10:00am in
Valhalla. He is on a tour of five UW campuses encouraging students to get out and
 FS has been asked for volunteers for two ad hoc committees: Web Advisory and
and Enterprise Information Security. Volunteers should contact the FS office by
Friday, April 1 at 4:00pm. Request from a senator: Why is IT forming a new ad hoc
committee for every issue when we have a FS IT Advisory Committee already in
 The March 31 FS Meeting is cancelled. The next FS meeting will be held on April 14.
b. Chancellor (Joe Gow): No Report
c. Provost (Kathleen Enz Finken): No Report
d. CFO (Bob Hetzel): No Report
e. Faculty Representative (Becky Ledocq): The Faculty Reps met on Friday, March 11 – much of
the discussion revolved around the budget. The BOR has drafted amendment language for
Wisconsin Idea Partnership. This gives the same flexibility that has been granted to UW Madison
to all of UWS and keeps UW Madison in the system. They have also drafted a resolution in
support. Many other campuses have already drafted resolution in support of the WI Idea
f. Student Association Liaison (Cate Urbos): No Report
IV. New Business.
a. Proposed At-Risk Child and Youth Care Minor (Betsy Morgan & Joe Tiffany):
This program has been an emphasis in Psychology for many years. In making it a
minor, they changed the name to add At-Risk. This minor will be roughly 22 credits –
depending on how credits are applied to the student’s major.
Motion to approve formation of At-Rist Child and Youth Care Minor.
Discussion: Will there be any new faculty or courses necessary to support this minor?
No. Expected enrollment is about 80 to 100 students – the majority are in Sociology,
Psychology and Therapeutic Recreation. This proposal received unanimous support
from APC. Motion approved.
b. Proposed Graduate Council Bylaw Change – first reading (Joe Tiffany & Pat DiRocco):
SEC requested that A&B draft a bylaws change that would make Graduate Council
consistent with all other FS committees as far as voting membership is concerned
(This was the only FS committee that had an administer as a voting member). The
bylaws were updated to correct the title of the director of Graduate Studies. was
only FS comm. That had an admin. As a voting member. Changed to make it more
consistent and to update the name.
Recommendation to strike the last sentence of the bylaw. (Convener would then
simply be appointed by CoC as with other committees.)
Motion to approve amendment to delete last sentence. Motion approved.
Second reading on April 14.
c. The STEP Program (Jennifer Kosiak & Joe Tiffany):
 STEP = Secondary Teacher Education Program. This put teacher preparation back
into its specific content areas – with the degree then conferred by the content area.
The committee also reviewed the programs to reduce credits to allow students to
begin teaching in 4 to 4 ½ years. The director of the STEP program will report to the
director of SOE. The committee has worked with DPI along the way and will send the
program to DPI for final approval.
 Motion to approve STEP Program. Motion approved.
d. UWS Biennial Budget Resolution/UWL Wisconsin Idea Resolution:
 This partnership allows for UWS to have the same flexibilities as UW Madison and
retains UW Madison as part of UWS.
 Motion to distribute UWL Wisconsin Idea Resolution.
 Discussion: Recent news shows that this proposal will allow UWS and BOR to assume
all power over UWS funds, buildings, etc. that are now held centrally. This is a huge
power grab by BOR and could result in expansion of UWS with little flexibility being
passed on the individual campuses. Recent information reveals that UWS is
cancelling the OPID grant and many other involving Teaching and Learning. All
Chancellors have signed a letter in support of the resolution; however, the
Chancellors do report to the BOR. UWL is holding $500,000 back from next year’s
budget in anticipation of financial impacts of UW Madison’s split from UWS.
 Motions failed.
 Motion that SEC draft a resolution that SEC draft a resolution in support of increased
flexibilities to all campuses, but not in support of the proposed partnership.
V. Old Business.
VI. Adjournment at 4:06 p.m. Next meeting on April 14.
Respectfully submitted,
Kerrie Hoar
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