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Academic Department Associate
School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)
Administrativel y/paraprofessionally assists following UWSP personnel: Associate Dean, College
of Professional Studies/Chair School of Communication Sciences and Disorders; Coordinator of
Undergraduate Programs; Coordinator of Graduate Programs; Director of Clinical ServicesSpeech-Language Pathology; Director of Clinical Services-Audiology; and support services to
14 other members of the School as well as 86 graduate students in the MS and AuD programs
and undergraduate students majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders.
Al .
Serve as public relations and resource person; provide information about the
School and University organization and services as well as the of Speech,
Language and Hearing Clinic to prospective students and/or parents as needed .
Aid with transition in leadership of the School when there is a new Associate
Dean/Chair related to responsibilities, procedures and paperwork of the office.
Attend School meetings to take minutes and submit to Associate Dean/Chair for
approval and distribution as needed.
Preserve confidenlia lity in all critical areas spoken or written related to duties of
the Associate Dean/Chair .
AS .
Research and provide information and assistance to Associate Dean/Chair
and School faculty and staff.
• Gather data for completion of reports, surveys, and other documents.
• Maintai n current and accurate personnel files for all faculty and
academic staff.
• Gather and prepare materials for individual faculty members for
waivers, continuing appointment forms, personal appointment forms, overload
request forms and recommendation for faculty and academic staff appointment
• For newly employed faculty member(s), gather and prepare
Recommendat ion to Appoint Faculty/Staff form, Personnel Appointment Form,
and attach three letters of recommendation and transcripts for Associate
Dean/Chair signature.
• Re-accreditation by the Council of Accreditation Agency of the American
Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA): Research data requested by
Associate Dean/Chair and required by ASHA for the annual report and
accreditation site visits to the SCSD program.
Assist Associate Dean/Chair in interviewing prospective classified
Stay current of UWSP and UW-System policy changes related to the School,
Clinic and positions.
Oversee special and on-going activities.
Special Events: Fall Welcome New Graduate Students picnic collect picnic reservation money; create and share spreadsheet with Special
Events Chairperson listing attendees and fees paid; prepare deposit for Sunshine
Fund Administrator .
Spring Scholarship Awards Reception - prepare letters of invitation to campus
administrators and scholarship donors; prepare letters to awardees of scholarship
awards; prepare Foundation Office Scholarship Payment request forms for each
award recipient; collect and provide award recipient information to Associate
Dean/Chair to be used by the Foundation office and at the reception; forward
recipient information to News Service at UWSP; create and share completed
spreadsheet with Special Events Chairperson listing attendees of reception.
Prepare Events-Meal/Receptions for the General Public Payment Form for the
DUC charges for refreshments and set-up fees. Provide "Notification of
Institutional Awards" to Financial Aid Office and the CPS Dean's Office. Notify
Financial Aids Office and Dean's Office of each recipient, social security number
and amount awarded.
Search and Screen Committees: Use TAM system to notify applicants of
their application status. Contact adve1tising agencies, approved by the Search and
Screen Committee, to set up account(s), enter position announcement information
and make payment with ADA's VISA purchasing card.
AuD Program bi-yearly Orientation day, bi-yearly AuD Capstone Day, and yearly
Open House for Graduate Applicants. Find location for events, contact caterer,
place food order, monitor number of attendees. Pay any expenses incul1'ed.
Create spreadsheet for all expenses to compare costs for future planning .
Prepare Dean's Workload spreadsheet each semester from information compiled
from the timetable for CSD courses, instructor and room assignments, semester
enrollment list by class from UWSP academic web-site, Directors of Clinical
Services and UW-Madison student enrollment information for UWSP AuD
A 10. Access confidential student records through Reflections 2 Administration
Information System and/or the UWSP Web Site to provide individual confidential
student information to the Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, Coordinator
of Graduate Programs, and Associate Dean/Chair.
A 11. Manager for student major degree lists for the School of Communication Sciences
and Disorders on Reflections 2 public folders program. Maintain current and
accurate database record of students majoring in CSD, faculty advisor lists. Print
class lists for Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs at end of semester to be
used for entering clinical practicum grades of all students emolled in practicum
Al 2.
Coordinate and prepare necessary forms for travel arrangements,
workshop/seminar registration, afld hotel reservations, and vehicle/airfare
reservations for prospective faculty, accreditation teams, Associate Dean/Chair,
faculty members and students.Verify that all paperwork submitted with Travel
Employee Reimbursement forms are complete before forwarding for signature by
Associate Dean/Chair . Enter account number on TER forms for reimbursement.
Enter information on Budget Travel Professional Development expenses
spreadsheet. Keep copy of forms and receipts.
A l 3.
Campus Directory Information Manager on the UWSP Website for the
School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Update School directory
information in white and yellow pages. Manager for Department Information
Managers' System. Enter confidential information in DIMS to set up electronic
mailboxes for new faculty/staff members and delete names as needed.
A 14.
Coordinate semester textbook orders for faculty/staff. Enter textbook author, title,
publisher and year of publication in the UWSP Bookstore Textbook Requisition
System for textbook rental and purchase requests by deadline dates determined by
the Bookstore (i.e., 2 months prior to next semester). Monitor the number of
books ordered for each class against enrollment prior to the start of a semester if
adjustments are required.
Al 5.
Create course evaluation forms, instructions for every CSD course, and an
envelope several weeks before the end of each semester. Communicate readiness
of forms to faculty. Collect completed Teacher Evaluations from students for
classes. Request from Administrative Information Systems (AIS) additional
header sheets for individual supervisors for classes listed under Directors of
Clinical Services. Organize evaluation forms in acceptable manner before
submitting to AIS for processing. Receive compilation reports from AIS through
e-mail. Pick up completed evaluations and store for a period of 7 years. Share
the summary forms to each individual faculty member along with a typed
summary of student comments. Enter scores of individual classes in Excel
spreadsheet to be given to Associate Dean/Chair . Enter overall scores on report to
be distributed to School members.
A 16.
Coordinate computer equipment purchase and arrival with electronic technician .
Prepare order form for Associate Dean/Chairperson signature and forward to IT.
Al 7.
Refer/process Information Technology work requests if problems/activities are
not resolved in a reasonable amount oftime and effo11at the School level.
A 18. Assist faculty by providing services necessary for effective instruction: locate
classroom(s) as requested by faculty/staff via the UWSP Reservation system.
Maintain Course Syllabus file for all courses taught each semester in the School
Main Office.
A 19. Enter Telephone Support Service work orders if problems arise or changes in
service are needed .
Collect monthly faculty sick leave reports and submit to Associate Dean/Chair for
signature before forwarding to Human Resources by due date each month. Scan
before sending to HR for School copy.
A2 l. Proctor exams as requested by instructors.
Assign building and office keys to faculty/staff. Maintain records of all keys
assigned and distributed .
Notify classes/students of class cancellations using Communication Sciences and
Disorders e-mail account via Microsoft Outlook.
Coordinate and monitor any remodeling, painting, carpeting, repair work
and completed in the School.
Monitor use per person regarding duplication on photocopier; train graduate
students, and staff on its use. Serve as School contact for troubleshooting
problems. Contact EO Johnson for repair and supplies.
Notify College Support IT person of PIN numbers for faculty/staff and Graduate
Assistants who need to be added or deleted to School's photocopier access each
Call Facility Services to rep01t any maintenance problems that need immediate or
ongoing attention. Enter work order in iServiceDesk system.
A28. Enter all custodial services and maintenance service requests in iServiceDesk
system. Be proactive in ensuring the Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic's
maintenance and cleanliness standards.
Cover for the Clinic Office Manager in her absence.
B 1.
Access and utilize the UW System Wisconsin Data Mart to peruse and reconcile
charges made to the various School accounts.
Create and update Departmental clinic budget on secure CPS Server for access by
Associate Dean/Chair, Clinic Director and Clinic Manager. Provide updated,
timely information on account balances. Update and monitor Interim Payment
Rep01t and Travel Professional Development Expenses report in and an Excel
Independently monitor and reconcile accounts on an ongoing basis for the
following budget accounts and grants totaling over $1,351,738.00 in all
descriptive lines (as well as any new accounts developed in the future):
I 02-2-705900 School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
128-2-705923 Clinic Fees and Services
102-2-705901 Extem Travel
102-2-705904 Undergrad Initiative
102-2-705914 Recruitment and Retention
700703 CPS Building Keys
102-2-705919 AuD Funds
I 02-2-705996 CSD Faculty Development
128-2-705977 CSD 795
128-2-705981 CSD 715
128-2-705983 CSD Practicum Fees
150-2-705992 Student Research
Work with - UWSP budget personnel, general ledger accounting, accounts
payable, purchasing, travel, maintenance and human resources, and the CPS
Dean's Assistant, when searching needed information to research and resolve
budget information.
Authorized to transfer expenses/allocation(s) between accounts and budget lines
and determine individual accounts to be charged.
Enter identifying order information on Departmental Budget spreadsheet in
appropriate category. Keep all receipts/packing slips for justification of monthly
VISA-pcard statement.
Create and maintain a billing/payment system for students who need classroom
manuals. Keep faculty member updated.
Provide financial information and projections for budgetary decision
making to the Associate Dean/Chair.
Oversee expenditures with department credit cards for Bookstore and
Learning Resource Center.
B l 0. Purchasing Agent and Fed Ex account manager for the School of Communication
Sciences and Disorders. Contact vendors personally or on the Internet to research
product availability and/or order all
supplies/materials/capital equipment for the School, and coordinate delivery of
human tissue and transportation costs each year. Set up account with vendors.
Receive and expedite all orders. Contact vendor, if merchandise is damaged or
inconect, to have merchandise returned/exchanged to receive credit.
B 11.
Responsible for Visa charge cards issued in the name of the ADA on behalf of the
School of Communication Sciences and Disorders.
B 12. Reconcile VISA statements. Attach invoices and monitor credits that
should be received on the account for returned merchandise.
B 13.
Organize, collect and deposit funds to School accounts for student classroom
manuals, background checks, name tags and building key rental.
Bl 4.
Monitor the distribution of room and building keys. Collect and deposit fees from
building keys. Authorized to sign release for refund to students when building
key are returned.
B 15.
Gather information and prepare purchase orders, payment orders, Foundation
transfer forms as needed.
Bl 6.
Supply EO Johnson with copy count for three copiers for billing purposes each
C 1.
Provide information to persons inquiring about the graduate and undergraduate
programs via telephone and e-mail.
CSDCAS WebAdmit administrator - online graduate application pmtal used by
MS graduate program. Must be knowledgeable of the WebAdmit program
structure and operation. Keep cun-ent with yearly system usage updates via
WebAdmit resources. Coordinate yearly set-up information with Coordinator of
Graduate Programs and Associate Dean/Chair. Send email messages to applicants
via WebAdmit as needed. After the application deadline has passed, set up workgroups to coordinate review of each file. Assign ballot to one faculty member and
one academic staff member for each applicant each application cycle.
Provide and request information to/from the Admissions Graduate Office and
Enrollment Management Services to aid in the completion of graduate applicant
From WebAdmit, exp01t confidential ranking reports and other reports as
necessary for School meetings for members to make decisions about acceptance,
waiting list, and denial of applicants into the program each year.
Based on decisions about each applicant, responsible for accurately expo1ting
information from WebAdmit to be used to create individual letters of notification
related to decision including any special requirements for a student to be fully
accepted into the program. Create separate letters for students who also are
offered a Graduate Assistantship as well as reply forms. Send an initial decision
email to each applicant and send formal invitation to student via the USPS. and
include letter of intent and statements regarding graduate assistantships .
Notify the Admissions depa1tment of each individual applicant's status.
Enter and monitor the reply letter decisions on an Excel spreadsheet kept on
ComD server. Store the tuition deposits in a secure location during the
admissions process. Notify the Associate Dean/ Chair and Coordinator of
Graduate Programs of replies so either the Associate Dean/Chair or the
Coordinator of Graduate Programs can update the local status.
Coordinate letters of notification and graduate assistantship contracts stating
stipend, salary, account, work hours and contract period. Distribute contracts to
graduate students at beginning of semester to obtain signatures on all forms.
Acquire Dean and Associate Dean/Chair' s signatures; return all forms to the
Personnel Office for processing before deadline so the students will receive their
first paycheck on October 1st/February 1st.
Maintain student hours on a weekly/semester basis in an Excel spreadsheet.
Transmit hours worked balances to supervisors and students weekly. Inform
students about procedures of the School when they are fulfilling their job
Cl 0.
Maintain graduate student files. Rotate on a semester basis as they progress
tlu·ough the program. Monitor probationary student files. Coordinate distribution
of student files for alumni license and national ce1tification paperwork processing.
Maintain a working knowledge of the Comprehensive Software Environment
(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access).
Maintain a working knowledge of utility software packages on UWSP and UWSystem computer system.
Serve as owner of Room 024 CPS Calendar in Microsoft Outlook for scheduling
Serve as owner of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Outlook mailbox.
Read, review and respond to all correspondence