11.09 Low-Producing Degree Programs

Low-Producing Degree Programs
Approved February 9, 2012 (MO 044-2012)
Revised August 8, 2013 (MO 192-2013)
Next Scheduled Review: August 8, 2018
Policy Statement
This policy provides that the universities (academic institutions) of The Texas A&M University
System shall report, on an annual basis, the status of each low-producing degree program to the
chancellor and the Board of Regents (board).
Reason for Policy
The chancellor and the board shall be informed of the status of each academic institution’s lowproducing degree programs resulting from the annual review by the Texas Higher Education
Coordinating Board (coordinating board).
Procedures and Responsibilities
The coordinating board conducts an annual review of degree programs at institutions of higher
education to determine which are low-producing degree programs because they do not meet
minimum standards for the number of degrees awarded.
Academic institutions will prepare a report of the coordinating board’s review to the chancellor and
board. The report will include supporting documentation for requests to consolidate degree
programs and temporary exemptions.
Related Statutes, Policies, or Requirements
19 Tex. Admin. Code Ch. 4, Subch. R, Review of Low-Producing Degree Programs
Member Rule Requirements
No rule is required to supplement this policy.
11.09 Low-Producing Degree Programs
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11.09 Low-Producing Degree Programs
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