Meeting Minutes for April 19, 2004 University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Meeting Minutes for April 19, 2004
College Committee of the College of Science and Allied Health
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
The meeting was called to order at 2:23
Present: Rafique Ahmed, Adrienne Loh, Dan Sutherland, Marc Rott, Rob McGaff, Becky
LeDocq, Mike Jackson, Andy Matchett
Excused: Rob Tyser
A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously to approve the minutes from the April 5
and March 30 meetings.
The Committee discussed the effects of proposed changes in the Gen. Ed. program on dual degree
engineering students.
A motion was made and seconded to enter into the minutes a resolution stating that “The College
Committee recognizes the concerns regarding the dual degree engineering students and supports
making accommodations should changes in the General Education science requirements delay or
otherwise disadvantage these students.” The vote was unanimous in favor of this resolution.
The possibility of surveying SAH faculty regarding their opinions on the Gen. Ed. issue was
discussed, as were possible mechanisms for providing further feedback to the General Education
Respectfully submitted,
Rob McGaff