SAH College Committee Minutes Monday February 15, 2010

SAH College Committee
Monday February 15, 2010
Present: Cynthia Berlin, Scott Cooper, John Greany, Sandra Grunwald , Heather Hulett,
Shauna Sallmen, Jeff Steffen, Meredith Thomsen, Marcie Wycoff-Horn
Excused: Susan Murray, Bernadette Taylor
1. Shauna Sallman called the meeting to order at 9:55 am. M/S/P to approve minutes
from the previous meeting.
2. Committee began its discussion of the ongoing College Equipment Inventory project.
We have not yet received inventories from Math, Human Performance, Health Education
and Health Promotion, Health Professions, Recreation Management, or Therapeutic
Recreation. Dr. Sallman will email the chairs of the missing departments and ask if they
intend to submit inventories. She will also remind the Chairs of our working definition of
“big ticket items” (i.e. not possible to cover in a department’s annual S&E budget for a
given year). We will give them another two weeks to file an inventory, and then we will
go forward with the information we have at that date.
We also started discussing what information we want to extract from the data we have
gathered. We know we will want to calculate:
Total dollars and number of users for each department
Dollars per year of expected replacement costs per department
Percentage of College-wide total that was internally vs. externally funded
We did some discussing about how to handle some of the data that has been entered as
range. We decided that we will use the low number for remaining use/life values; for
equipment age we will use the average for each range.
Ultimately, we think we should make a statement that the College needs to have funds to
cover emergency and expected equipment replacement costs. We can estimate the
amount that should be budgeted for this based on average expected annual replacement
costs. We will also make a statement that by developing a funding mechanism for service
agreements the University would ultimately save money on equipment replacement costs,
and produce a number for what this would cost based on the numbers provided for all the
pieces of equipment for which interest in a service agreement has been expressed.
The next steps will be data cleanup (Scott Cooper), and waiting for inventories from the
remaining groups (John Greaney and Heather Hulett will clean up the data from their
respective departments as it becomes available). Before our next meeting, Dr. Sallmen
will summarize some of the types of data mentioned above, and then we will meet again
to discuss those values and decide on the main points of our report.
3. Although nobody from the College Committee was informed of the new Chair’s
meeting time, we are going to inquire and find out if we are still welcome to send a
4. Regarding the new program in ESS, from the informal look some of us have given
their documents the committee thinks it looks good. Given their deadlines for UCC, we
recommend that they do not present their formal documents to us.
5. We decided our next meeting will be Monday, March 8 at 4:25. That will allow one
week of data processing after our new deadline to the Chairs for the inventories.
6. Meeting adjourned at 10:35.
Respectfully submitted,
Meredith Thomsen