Video Welcome Message Template

Video Welcome Message Template
The purpose of this template is to provide online instructors with a basic script that can be used to
create a video welcome message for their online course. You can edit any of the text to meet your
needs. All of the orange italicized text contains suggestions or instructions for you.
Along with creating the video you should send an email informing your students about the video
welcome message and encouraging them to log in to D2L to access your course. There is a Welcome
Email Template available on the UWSP Online Faculty Resources page.
You should plan to send you welcome video 1-2 weeks before class starts. There are several ways that
you can share your video with students. You can either send your students a welcome email and include
the video or a link to the video in that email. You can also put the video in the News section of D2L and
direct students to log in and watch it when you send your welcome email.
It is best to keep online videos short. Keeping your video under five minutes will help ensure that your
students watch the entire video. Remember to be brief, direct, and friendly when you create your video.
The reason for producing a welcome video is to set the tone for your course, introduce yourself to your
students, and inform students of essential class information.
Things to Include
1) A personal warm welcome from you.
2) A brief overview of what the students will learn in the course/how they will benefit from taking
this course.
3) An overview of any notable course information such as: required synchronous activities, exam
times, etc.
4) Your availability-office hours and/or virtual office hours.
5) Expected turn-around times for grading, responding to emails, and replying to questions.
Video Script Template
My name is, your name here, I am excited to be teaching course name here. Take the opportunity to
introduce yourself further. Remember that you are introducing yourself to your students and you want to
remind them that you are a qualified and caring instructor who will help them and that you are a real
person just like them. Consider discussing the following:
Your teaching experience
Your excitement about teaching this course online
Your education
Some personal information to let them get to know you
o Family
o Hobbies
o Interests
During this class you can expect to learn. Include a brief overview of what students can expect to learn in
your course. Try to focus more on what they will learn/their benefit from taking the course instead of
simply reviewing the course learning outcomes. Remember that the learning outcomes will be stated in
your syllabus, so you can direct students to that document if you want to.
I will be available during the following times each week. Discuss your office hours and/or virtual office
hours. The best way to contact me is by emailing me using my UWSP email. I always try to respond to
messages within 24 hours, although my responses may be delayed on weekends and holidays. If you will
be using other forms of communication or have other preferred methods of communication, discuss
them here.
This course will be 100% online and we will be using D2L. You can log in to D2L using your UWSP
username and password. I encourage you to log in as soon as you are done watching this video so that
you can familiarize yourself with the course. We will be using several D2L features and discuss other
technologies you intend to use throughout this course. Don’t worry, I will always be here to help you
learn how to use the technology. You can also consider doing a brief screen capture video segment that
shows students how to navigate your D2L course.
I look forward to working with each of you as you learn about provide a brief overview of the course
objectives during the next semester. I’m excited to have you in class and I’m eager to get started. Please
take a moment now to log in to D2L so you can review the syllabus and prepare for the start of class.