UWSP Requirements UW-Colleges Equiv.

Transfer Guide: Sample Program of Study for the
UWSP Family & Consumer Sciences Major
---Child, Youth and Family Studies Option
UW- Colleges Course Equivalencies
UWSP Requirements
[credits] {term}
ENGL 101 Freshman English (WC) [3]
PSYC 110 Intro to Psychology (SS) [3]
First Year Seminar (FYS) [3]
FCS 290 Exploration of FCS [3]
Wellness GEP (Recommend: FN 151 Contemp. Nutrition) [2]
COMM 101 Fundamentals of Oral Comm. (OC) [3]
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology (USD) [3]
Quant Lit GEP (rec: MATH 105, 109, 355 or PSYC 300) [3]
Natural Sciences GEP (choice) [3]
Global Awareness GEP (choice) [3]
ENGL 202 Sophomore English (WC) [3]
HD 166 The Family: Continuing Concerns (SS & USD) [3]
HD 265 Human Growth & Development (SS) [3]
-or- PSYC 260 Developmental Psyc (SS)
Arts GEP (choice) [3]
Historical Perspectives GEP (choice) [3]
FCS 444 Helping Relationships [3] {W}
-or- COMM 280 Interpersonal Communication (SS)
Humanities GEP (choice) [3]
Minor/Electives [3-9 credits]
HD 366 Families in Cross Cultural Contexts [3] {F}
HD 386 Family Resource Mngt & the Environmnt (ER) [3] {F}
HD 395 Research in Family Sciences [3] {F}
Minor/Electives [3-6 credits]
FCS 390 Adult Education [3] {S}
HD 372 Consumer Economics [3] {S}
HD 330 Human Sexuality [3] {S}
-or- HLED 140 Responsible Sexuality (WLN)
CNMT 420 Online Marketing & E-Commerce [4] {S}
Minor/Electives [3 credits]
HD 367 Family Structure & Interaction [3]
HD 466 Guidance of Children & Adolescents [3]
Minor/Electives [3-9 credits]
HD 397 Internship/Field Work [6-12 credits]
FCS 400 Seminar [1]
Minor/Electives [3 credits]
UW-Colleges Equiv.
ENG 101
PSY 201 or PSY 202
----HES 209
CTA 103
SOC 101
MAT 108, 140, 117 or PSY 210
See GEP Note
See GEP Note
ENG 102
----PSY 250
See GEP Note
See GEP Note
--CTA 101
See GEP Note
Transfer students pursuing this major can typically expect to attend
UWSP for a minimum of 6 semesters.
To be admitted to the Family & Consumer Sciences major, incoming
students must have a 2.5 GPA including all transfer credits. Students
must achieve a 2.75 cumulative GPA to graduate with this major.
General Education Program
To determine appropriate courses to fulfill UWSP General Education Program
(GEP) requirements, use the Transfer Information System
(http://tis.uwsa.edu/wizards) or the General Education Program Transfer Guide
{F} or {S} indicates that the class is offered fall only or spring only.
General Education Program (GEP) category abbreviations:
FYS = First Year Seminar
WC = Written Communication
OC = Oral Communication
QL = Quantitative Literacy
WLN = Wellness
GA = Global Awareness
USD = US Diversity
ER = Environmental Responsibility
ART = Arts
HU = Humanity
HP = Historical Perspective
SS = Social Science
NS = Natural Science
Transfer students pursuing the Family & Consumer Sciences major will not be
required to take a First Year Seminar course if transferring with two semesters of
college experience.
Minor: FCS-Child, Youth and Family Studies majors must complete a minor or
second major. Common options include the following: Adventure Education,
Business Administration, Communication, French, German, Gerontology,
Military Science, Peace Studies, Psychology, Social Science, Social Science in
Health, Sociology, Spanish, Women’s & Gender Studies, or Youth Programming
& Camp Management. Consult the UWSP Catalog for the requirements of
For more information about this major at UWSP, please visit
Questions regarding this program can be directed to:
HPHD Academic Adviser
UW-Stevens Point  School of Health Promotion and Human Development  Room 216, College of Professional Studies  Stevens Point, WI 54481
Phone: (715) 346-3233  Email: hphdadviser@uwsp.edu
Updated 1/16/15