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The CNR Reporter is a weekly publication of the University of Wisconsin­
Stevens Point College of Natural Resources. Deadline for articles and
announcements is 9 a.m. on Friday. Submit information electronically using
the article form. Looking for an old CNR Reporter find them in our archives.
Academic Information
Advising Walk­in Hours NEW
Advising Walk­in Hours These times are set aside for quick
questions regarding your degree
progress and student record.
Longer discussions will require an
Mon. Mar 7
Bobbi Kubish
Jessica Tomaszewski
TNR 180
TNR 192
First­Year & Sophomores
1:00 PM ­ 2:30 PM 9:30 AM ­ 10:30 AM
Tues. Mar 8
1:00 AM ­ 2:30 PM 10:30 AM ­ 11:30 AM
Wed. Mar 9
10:30 AM ­ 12:00 PM
Thurs. Mar 10
12:30 AM ­ 2:00 PM
1:00 PM ­ 2:30 PM
Fri. Mar 11
6­Week Summer Field Experience
We are no longer accepting applications for the 2016 Summer Field Techniques in Natural Resources.
The roster of accepted students for each session will be posted on the bulletin board across TNR 180 (th
Student Success Center) by noon on April 11.
If you have any other questions please feel free to stop by the Student Success Center!
Summer Field Experience Session Dates
Session 1: May 21 ­ July 1­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Session 2 & 3: July 10 ­ August 19
Note: If you still need to take Bio 130 but have to attend Treehaven, you can take it
opposite of Treehaven Sessions 2 or 3. Due to the amount of credits earned in Treehaven,
you only have to pay for 3 credits instead of 5.
Teaching Assistant for the Summer Field Experience NEW
We are extending the deadline for Plant I.D. Teaching Assistant’s (T.A.) and Course T.A.’s for and Campus Field Techniques in Natural Resources this summer. If you are interested in a summer job
opportunity and meet the requirements please print out an application and turn in to TNR 180 by 18 at NOON. We have positions for half summer and full summer. Click Here for the Applications! CNR Peer Advising! It's that time of semester ­ academic advising season! If you are currently assigned to CNR Peer Advisin
for you academic advising you will need to make an appointment at the Student Success Center in order
to register for Fall 2016 classes. Follow these steps below!
Sign up for a half hour appointment to talk with a CNR Peer Advisor. 1. Check out the staff information (major and their scheduled work time) on our bulletin board
(across from TNR 180) to choose someone with a major similar to yours (not necessary but
some students prefer this). 2. Stop in the Student Success Center, TNR 180, to schedule a time that works for you (No
appointments taken by phone/e­mail).
3. Mark your appointment time down in your calendar, phone, etc! 4. Show up at your assigned time* with a printed copy of your DEGREE PROGRESS REPORT
open mind, questions, a few course ideas! You will be talking about different options for
classes, GPA and 5. application requirements, as well as other ways to keep you on track for graduation. * If you miss your appointment, you have one more chance to sign up and attend. If you miss two peer
advising appointments, you forfeit your registration time and will register on the last day (May 2nd). We have over 400 students to advise so a missed appointment means you impact our office and anothe
student! Please don’t miss appointments and sign up today!
If you have any questions about advising or the registration process, please stop into the CNR Student
Success Center and ask!
Career Services Workshops Here is the full list of workshops Upcoming Workshops: March 7: 6­7 PM in CCC 227 "Federal Jobs and How to Apply"
March 8: 5­6:30 PM in TNR 122 "Resumes & Other Professional Correspondence"­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
March 8: 5­6:30 PM in TNR 122 "Resumes & Other Professional Correspondence"
March 9: 5­6 PM in CPS 310 "What Employers Want"
March 10: 5­6:30 PM in CCC 213 "Resumes & Other Professional Correspondence"
March 14: 6­7 PM in TNR 120 "Preparing for Interviews"
March 15: 6­7 PM in CCC 213 "LinkedIn ­ Build Your Professional Network"
March 16: 6­7 PM in CCC 213 "Finding Jobs and Internships"
Free Tutoring in Lower Debot The Tutoring­Learning Center is offering free tutoring in Lower Debot, room 073. Writing tutors and chemistry tutors will be available Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00 pm ­ 8:00
PM, every week from now until summer. No appointment is necessary. Students are served on a drop­in basis. We hope to see you there!
Great Sources of Reference for Questions
The CNR handbook is a great reference, CNR Handbook !
The Campus Catalog is great as well, Campus Catalog !
Advising Resources has some really helpful Video Tutorials!
Buy Your CNR Apparel Today!
CNR long sleeved t­shirts – brown or sage green – Only $15!
CNR baseball and Fidel caps are also on sale in a variety of colors – only $15
Show your CNR pride and help support the programs of the CNR Student Success Center! Enhance Your Note­Taking, Test Preparation and Study Skills
The Tutoring­Learning Center (TLC) houses UW­Stevens Point's Academic Literacies Specialist, Emily
Wisinski, a professional staff member, meets with students on an individual basis to discuss:
Time Management
Goal Setting and Motivation
Test Preparation
and other study skills
Stop by the TLC in the basement of the library, room 018 to make an appointment to discuss your
individual concerns and create an academic success plan. Or, visit during Emily’s office hours: Tuesday
from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. or Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
CNR Major Course Fee Each student carrying a CNR major (with the exception of Paper Science) will be charged $40/semester f
the "CNR Fee Treehaven & CWES" to fund major renovations at the Treehaven and Central Wisconsin
Environmental Station (CWES) Field Stations. This fee will be charged to CNR majors enrolled at UWSP­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Environmental Station (CWES) Field Stations. This fee will be charged to CNR majors enrolled at UWSP
each spring and fall semester beginning in Jan, 2009.
Four Year Plan Blank Template
This document can come in handy when you are making a four year plan. It's a great idea to plan ahead
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Events and Speakers
Social Networking: Unplugged NEW
Learn how to meet professionals at your next conference or symposium. You will have opportunities to
practice tricks to expand your network. Career Services and Student Government will be there to help
answer your question. Faculty are also invited to attend to provide students with beneficial information
specific to their field. This is the perfect event to prepare for the UW Symposium, CNR symposium, COL
symposium, and any other professional event you may be attending in the near future! the Encore, be there, and be remembered!
CNR Graduate Seminars
Interested in research? Come and see the CNR Graduate Students present on their
research! Undergraduates welcome to the attend the following graduate seminars this semester at 4 pm TNR 120.
March 8
March 15
Student presentation
Presenter: Josh Schulze
Student presentation
Presenter: Jessica Jaworski
Movement of Lake Sturgeon after upstream
passage of two dams on the Menominee
River, WI­MI
Shelli Dubay
Effects of forced re­nesting on a reintroduced
population of Whooping Cranes/Behavioral
patterns of Whooping Cranes and Sandhill
Spring break
Student presentation
March 29
April 5
April 12
Presenter: Melissa
Student presentation
Presenter: Matt Zangl
Student presentation
Development, implementation, and evaluation
of pilot series of nature programs for visitor
Anna Haines
Examination of local wetland governance
Kevin Russell
Occupancy and maternal roosts of the
northern long eared bat in the Lake States­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Presenter: Brenna Hyzy
April 19
Student presentation
Presenter: Ellen King
Kevin Russell
northern long eared bat in the Lake States
Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Wisconsin Camps
Shiba Kar
Encouraging pro­environmental behavior
through energy education programs in
Wisconsin schools
Anna Haines
Landowner and visitor attitudes towards
landscape scale restoration
Josh Raabe
Factors influencing Walleye spawning across
Student presentation
April 26
May 3
May 10
Presenter: Jenny
Student presentation
Presenter: Emily Usher
Student presentation
Presenter: Doug Zentner
Coffee and Culture March 9th: 50 Shades of Black: 6:00pm (DUC Larid Room) Speakers: Black Student Union
Wisconsin DNR's Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation 2015
The Wisconsin DNR would like to share with you a report on the accomplishments of the Wisconsin DNR
Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation in 2015. It was a great year with many things to be thankful fo
and proud of. Of course, many of these accomplishments would not have been possible without support
from people like you. Inside the report you will find stories about swans, bats, mussels, plants and othe
important pieces of our natural heritage. Of particular interest may be a story about rediscovering the
federally threatened prairie bush clover (Lespedeza leptostachya) at a State Natural Area in Green Coun
or another one about the always photogenic Virginia meadow beauty (Rhexia virginica).
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Study Away Opportunities
National Student Exchange (NSE) Full Academic Year or Single
Semester, Fall or Spring
NSE offers students a domestic alternative to studying abroad. What began with three campuses
exchanging seven students is now 200 universities placing 3,000 students each year. UW­Stevens Point
became a member institution in 2014 and will begin to send students to NSE participating universities,
and welcome NSE students to campus, in the fall of 2015.
For more information visit the NSE website at and UWSP webpage at­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
For more information visit the NSE website at and UWSP webpage at­Student­Exchange­­­­NSE.aspx . Once you have
background information contact UWSP program coordinator Mark Koepke in CCC 108 for advising.
U of Idaho Semester in the Wild What better way to learn the ecological and social relationships among nature, writing and sustainable
natural recourses than to spend a semester in the middle of it all, at Taylor Wilderness Research Station
Earn 17 upper division credits while studying ecology in the heart of America’s largest wilderness area. F
more information check out If you have any questions please contact Meg Gag a close this section
Student Organizations
Student Organizations' Weekly Update
American Fisheries Society (AFS) Join us for our meetings on Wednesdays, at 5pm in TNR 170! We need everyone who plans on
going to register, as the early bird registration deadline is on the 29th. Contact Kate Carpenter if
you have any questions.
American Water Resources Association (AWRA)
The UWSP Student Chapter of AWRA is committed to the preservation and
enhancement of our nation's water quality through education, responsible
management, and the continued efforts of our members. We provide many
hand on experiences in water resources and hydrology fieldwork projects.
We also have fun events like highway cleanup, educating children and local
residents in the community about water resources and water protection. Upcoming Events:
Education event: Science Extravaganza March 12th 10am ­ 2:30pm. Education event: Little Plover Appreciation Day TBD.
We meet every Tuesday at 5:00pm in TNR 252. Dues are $5 for a semester, or $10 per academic year plus a FREE T­Shirt. If you have any question please feel free to email us at Animal Behavior Club Our meeting this week will include a visit from Dr. Plonsky and one of his dogs. He will be
discussing canine behavior and training topics.
Join us Wednesday March 2nd in TNR 122 at 6 pm.­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Big Dawg Fishing Team Do you like to fish? The Big Dawg Fishing Team is group of anglers on campus you will want to
come check out. We are a team that fishes competitively on the FLW, BASS, and Cabela’s Boat US
Collegiate bass fishing tournament series. Our organization is all about bringing people who are
dedicated to the sport of fishing together. We fish club tournaments all over Wisconsin in both the
spring and the fall semesters and teams can qualify to compete on the national stage all over the
country. UWSP Big Dawg Fishing is ranked in the top 10 collegiate bass fishing teams in the nation
Our goal is to help make everyone a better angler and help you learn to be more successful on the
water. Our team has some great sponsors that everyone who joins the team can benefit from. We
meet Thursday night at 7pm in CCC 205, and everyone is welcome. The dues for Big Dawg Fishing
are $20 per semester. You can check us out on Facebook “UWSP Big Dawg Fishing”. If you have a
questions contact Ryan Pinkalla at .
February 11th Big Dawg Fishing will be hosting guest speaker Matt Stefan, professional angler on
the FLW tour. This is free and open to anyone it will be in CCC 214 at 7pm. Bring all your friend th
will be a presentation you will not want to miss! Coalition of Organizational Leadership in TNR (COOL)
Our meetings are Thursdays at 5:00 PM in TNR 320, and that any topic/event/idea that
anyone would like to be brought up at this meeting can be emailed to Jordan Winkenbach at
Ducks Unlimited Student Chapter
The newly formed Ducks Unlimited student chapter will be having its first meets Wednesdays at
6:00p.m. in TNR 170.
Anyone interested in wetlands, waterfowl, and the great outdoors is welcome to join!
Come by to meet the new officers, learn what we have in store for next semester, and sign up for
the email list!!
Environmental Educators and Naturalists Association (EENA) The Environmental Educators and Naturalists Association exists to spread environmental
literacy and knowledge to the surrounding campus and community through educational
programs and events geared toward all ages. EENA meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the WCEE
on the 4th floor of the library­ all students are welcome! ATTENTION EENA MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS!! Its that time of year again! What time you ask? Well, its
time for the ECO FAIR T­Shirt Design Contest again! This years theme is Water: It all Trickles Down
This years prize is $10 AND your name somewhere on the T­Shirt! So get those designs to any EENA
member, or the EENA office, located in the basement of the DUC, by March 7th at midnight! We look forward
to seeing your awesome designs! Any questions please contact Emma Adams at
Environmental and Sustainability Issues Committee
If you are interested in working on sustainability initiatives and policies on the UWSP campus,
check out the Environmental and Sustainability Issues Committee of the Student Government
Association! The committee works on a variety environmental topics from bicycle safety to
waste reduction. Stop by the meeting, Thursdays at 12pm in the Brewhaus conference room,
or contact Alex Thomas if you want to get involved.­
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Fire Crew The Fire Crew is always looking for new members so even if you're not sure what we're all about,
stop by to a meeting and talk with a few of the members or officers and join in the fun!!! The
UWSP Fire Crew meetings will be held in TNR 120 on Thursdays from 6­7.
The Fire Crew is once again offering a great opportunity to get your basic wildland fire certification
No experience is necessary. This is a very marketable class for any natural resource major.
Applications are available across from the Fire Crew office (TNR 361a) or at the Fire Crew webpage
Izaak Walton League
The Izaak Walton League of America is one of the oldest conservation organizations in the
United States. It was founded in 1992, and has over 250 local chapters throughout the
Our club is focused on anything and everything outdoors. We participate in many different
activities such as Trout Stream Restoration, Trail Maintenance, Highway Cleanup, and Kids
Fishing Day, as well as Bow Shoots, Trap Shoots, and Rifle Shoots. During our meetings we
also have hands on activities such as Knot Tying, Chainsaw and Axe sharpening and care,
Wilderness Survival, and many others.
We have meetings every Thursday at 7:00 PM in TNR 240. Dues: $5.00/semester or $8.00/year
Comments or questions? Email us at or check out the UWSP IKES Website:
Land Conservation Society The Land Conservation Society (LCS) is a national organization which has a newly establish branch
here on campus. We focus on land conservation at its roots which is at the private level and work
with several nonprofit organizations focused on land conservation called land trusts. We work
especially close with the North Central Conservancy Trust in Plover which has land from the bottom
of Adams County to the top of Lincoln County and Taylor County. We hold more than half a dozen
work days every semester where we go out and help, conserve, and preserve owners land through
many different management techniques.
We meet every other Wednesday at 4pm in TNR 271. Exact dates below, hope you join!
(3/2, 3/16, 3/30, 4/13, 4/27, 5/11)
Please stay updated on your e­mail for our events next semester. Email us at lconserve@uwsp.ed
for any questions. Park and Recreation Association (PRA)
We meet weekly at 6 pm in TNR 320 and our contact email is If students would like updates, we will be sending weekly emails about activities, so they can
email us to be added to the contact list if they can't make it to meetings. We also have an updated list of officers on the UWSP student organization page under PRA if
people wish to contact us individually.­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
SGA Green Fund!
The Green Fund is a student ran fund that was created to finance sustainable and
environmental initiatives across the UWSP campus. This fund provides around $100,000 for
projects and is open to any group on campus who is interested in starting a project that would
increase campus sustainability and decrease its environmental footprint. If you have an idea,
are interested in starting a project, or would like to sit on the committee that allocates the
funds, please check out the hyperlink or contact Alex
Thomas. Click here for project application!
Society of American Foresters (SAF) Welcome back for the 2016 Spring semester!
The Society of American Foresters (SAF) is one of the largest student organizations at UW­
Stevens Point and one of the most active. We are aimed at getting undergraduates valuable
experience. We meet weekly in TNR 170 at 5pm on Thursdays! Dues: $3 for the semester or
$5 for the year. Currently our members are actively participating in many different programs provided by the
society, such as tours of logging and silviculture operations, local community outreach and
education, attending professional conferences, and skill workshops to enhance their abilities
as foresters and to prepare for the Basic Skills Exam and other classroom work.
FORESTRY BANQUET: Next Thursday February 11th at 6:30 PM in the Dreyfus University
Center (DUC)­Laird Room. The cost of tickets is $30.00 ($25.00) for students). Tickets are
available through Event Brite: For more information
please contact or This is a great chance to network,
meet possible employers, and meet fellow students!
Interested in throwing axes, underhand chop, or crosscut sawing?! Well you are in luck,
because we have a Woodland Sports team! Come join us anytime we are practicing. Official
dates and times TBA in weekly meeting. Come on out and have some fun with the Mid­
Western Foresters Conclave Championship Team!
Have comments or questions? Email us at or stop by the office in room TNR
UWSP SAF Website:
Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) We are a group of people dedicated to helping restore and conserve ecosystems by volunteering
with numerous organizations and institutions both locally and across the state. Through activities
such as removing invasive species, collecting native seed, planting native species, assisting with
prescribed burns, and much more, we stay connected to the community and the surrounding
ecosystems. With many events and activities planned, we are excited to see what this semester w
Our meetings are on Wednesdays in TNR 240 starting at 5:00pm. We hope to see you there! If yo
have any questions you can contact Alissa Johnson­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
have any questions you can contact Alissa Johnson
"Society grows great when old men {and women} plant trees whose shade they know they shall
never sit in." ­­Greek Proverb.
Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) NEW
Our meetings will be at 5 PM in TNR 255. Bring a friend! Here is our calander for this semester! you have any questions about any of the events or club activities, please feel free to email
Wednesday at Are you interested in research or want to get experience in the lab? Join our Research Co­
Coordinators every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 PM to 6 PM to learn and work on our current long term
research project. If you have any ques項ons please contact Derek at
Dues are $5 for a semester and $10 for the year! We hope to see you at our next meeting!
Student Law Enforcement Association (SLEA) If you're interested in law enforcement and enhancing your skills then stop by Every Monday
night at 6 pm in TNR 170. This week we will be having a guest speaker on leadership and
what involvement can do for your future. If you have any questions please contact a member
of our officer team. Officers can be found on our website:
Students for Sustainability (SFS) Students for Sustainability promotes sustainable principles through education and action on the
UWSP campus and throughout the community. In addition to weekly meetings, SFS efforts include
farm tours, speakers, campus projects, and more. SFS is also responsible for our beautiful Campus
Garden. Come join us!
­This week, SFS will be meeting on Thursday, Feb. 25 at the Schmeeckle Reserve Pavilion
(right by the junction of Maria & Reserve) for a walk.
­On March 10th, Tommy Enright will be joining us at our weekly meeting. Tommy Enright is the
owner of Black Rabbit Farm and the President of the local chapter of the Wisconsin Farmers Union.
­Questions? Email us at
Student Research Symposium (SRS) Curious about what it's like to present research? Interested in showing off your super cool
results with lots of people? Well the CNR Student Research Symposium is just the thing
for you! Interested in presenting but can't make the informational meeting? Visit the CNR SRS
Website or contact Anna at
Contact the Symposium email at or Dr. Hauer at
have any questions.­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
have any questions.
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Student Society of Arboriculture (SSA) Join us for talks on career possibilities and climbing experiences. We meet on Mondays at 5 P.M. TNR 320. In the past we have had speakers from several businesses looking for future employees and
traveled around the nation to attend conferences. Any questions email the Secretary Ben at
Students for Wetland Awareness, Management and Protection (SWAMP) Interested in wetlands and looking for field experience? Join SWAMP every Monday at 5:00pm
in TNR 320 to learn more! Our wide diversity of majors provides opportunities in many
different areas. We also promote networking, educational opportunities, and research that you
can present at conferences! Feel free to contact us at with any questions
that you have. We'll see you at the next meeting!
Trap Shooting Club
Do you enjoy trap shooting or have an interest in trying it? We are a club on campus who
enjoy to shoot recreationally and competitively. We shoot mainly in the spring semester on
Thursday evenings at Ashley shooting club located in Mosinee. The club offers 16 yard stand,
skeet, and a heated 5 stand which is opens in February. During the summer we shoot
competitively at the collegiate level under the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP). This
past summer we took first place at one shoot and third place at the state shoot. Dues for the
club are $10 which get you a reduced shooting price at Ashley shooting club. Provide your
own shells and gun. Hunter safety, gun safety, or military training is required for the club. If
you do not have any of those, the Wisconsin DNR has an online course in which you can take.
If you have any questions, message us on our Facebook page "UWSP shooting club" or email
us at
Waste Management Society The Waste Management Society’s mission is to help all students learn about and participate in
activities related to modern waste management. We offer opportunities to participate in waste
related projects, attend conferences, and meet a number of professionals from the waste
management industry. We promote the reduction, reuse, and recycling of common waste
items along with opportunities in composting and wastewater as well. If you are interested in joining or have any other questions, please contact President Alex
Smudde at or our adviser Dr. Rob Michitsch at
or in TNR 276.
We try to hold meetings every other Wednesday at 5:00 PM in TNR 255
Upcoming Meetings include:
February 17th:
WIRMC Info Session
Waste Education and Composting Opportunities
March 1st The Wildlife Society (TWS)­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
The Wildlife Society is one of the largest student organizations and student TWS chapters. TWS
provides numerous opportunities to members. Bird banding, radio­collaring deer, trapping,
telemetry, and networking are just a few examples.
Last Tuesday the Woodpecker, Lagomorph, and Otter projects presented about their research. The
are several projects that will be looking for volunteers coming up. Don’t miss out on these awesom
TWS meetings are held on Tuesdays at 5pm in TNR170.
Do you want to be kept up­to­date about TWS? Consider becoming a member so you can get ema
updates. If you have questions please contact
Wisconsin Camps Wisconsin Camps is a student organization dedicated to camp development. We network
resources within the camping community for college students, helping to create a safe,
learning, and fun experience for the kids we will be working with in the future.
We meet Wednesdays at 7PM in TNR 122!!
Women in Natural Resources (WiNR) Women in Natural Resources is a student organization focused on encouraging women to get
involved and become leaders in natural resources through volunteering, hands on experiences, an
social events. Our meetings are every Monday at 6:00 in TNR 320! Dues are $3 for the semester.
If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please contact President Kate Carpenter
( You can also check us out online at
( or Facebook (UWSP Women in Natural
350 Stevens Point Chapter 350 Stevens Point is a Student Organization with 50+ members that work to educate about
climate change and plan and execute actions to help reduce our impact on the planet. We
believe in a safe climate and a better future — a just, prosperous, and equitable world built
with the power of ordinary people. All People are welcome to our meetings!
We meet every Monday in CPS 116 at 8pm!
On Feb 8th we will be having a presentation on effective communication about climate change
and how we can talk to people who agree and disagree about climate change.
Update Your Org! NEW
Please send the CNR Reporter your Student Organization updates as often as you can! Email your article
forms to by 9 AM Friday! Please note, the Student Organization section is reserv
for natural resources related career club and commitee updates.
close this section­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Scholarship Information
Scholarships Available This Week! Clive A. David Memorial Research Scholarship: Deadline March 4th DEADLINE TODAY!
Friends of Peninsula State Park Research Grant : Deadline March 15
Youth Reporters for the Environment Writing Contest : Deadline March 15
The Wisconsin Sportsman's Association Scholarship: Deadline March 25 Forest History Scholarship ­ Application Here: Deadline April 1 NEW
Roy Kalmerton Scholarship: Application Deadline April 1
Izaak Walton League of America Scholarships : Brown County and WI and National : Deadline May 15
Sheboygan Walleye Club Scholarship : Deadline June 1
SAF Ben Meadows Scholarship ­ Flyer is here : Deadline June 30 Click here to learn more about all of the scholarships available to
CNR students.
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Workshops and Activities
Wisconsin Conservation Leadership Corps (CLC) NEW
Interested in being a leader in conservation?
Interested in having your voice heard on conservation issues by Wisconsin and National policymakers?
The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation has creatied a Conservation Leadership Program just for you!
Receive training in conservation leadership, conservation policy development and communication and
advocacy for sound conservation policies. Training will be provided by experienced conservation leaders
Training will provide an excellent opportunity to network with state, federal and private conservation
organizations. All your expenses for involvement in the program will be paid for by the Wisconsin Wildlif
Federation. At the successful completion of the program, you will receive a $250 scholarship to further
your conservation education! All expenses for travel, food, and lodging are also covered by the WWF an
the CLC program.
Go to the WWF, CLC website or facebook page for information. Or for more information, contact the WW
CLC Coordinator at, with any questions or to express your interest in
the program. Please submit your application by sending it to CLC Coordinator at the above email by 15, 2016­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Click Here for Your CLC Application Xi Sigma Pi Photo Contest ­ Show Your Skills! NEW
This is your chance to show your photography skills, professional or amateur, and win money! During th
year’s College of Natural Resources undergraduate research symposium, your photos can be voted on to
win either $50 for first place or $25 for second place. Anyone who would love to display their photography work and have a chance to win money! Ther
are categories of flora, fauna, landscapes and unique, in a hard copy format (8 x 11in preferably)
with a 1 inch margin of paper around it. On the front, give your photo a name, location taken and
species in the photo (if applicable). Please also include your name and number on the back of the
photo to keep the contest anonyms. The contest will take place at the CNR Research Symposium, which is held from 8:30am to 3:00pm on
April 8th. This is the time where your photos will be displayed and voted on, so tell your friends and
come vote in the vivarium lobby of the TNR. Winners will be announced at the rendezvous that night,
and/or contacted by phone.
Turn in your hard copy photos to the Student Success Center (TNR 180) by April 5th, 5:00pm to have
your photo in the contest. Any questions can be directed to
Sustainable Farmer Course Are you thinking about starting a farm or market garden to grow sustainable, local food? Whether you are just dreamin
about your future farm, are already in the process of starting your farm, or are interested in transitioning to sustainable
farming methods, learn from those on the ground. This 2.5 day course is taught by a group of experienced local farmers
and farm resource providers in Central Wisconsin. Hear how they started farming and learn about their practices and
future visions. The course will begin on Friday afternoon and run through Sunday.
Course Dates and Location: March 11­13, 2016, 1220 Briggs Ct Stevens Point, WI
Course Fee: $200 (includes course materials, Friday dinner, lunches and snacks), or $75 for Saturday or Sunday only.
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: MARCH 7TH. A limited number of scholarships are available for the 2016 course.
Questions? Contact or call 715.544.6154 Safe­Capture Wildlife Chemical Immobilization Workshops
The Safe­Capture Workshop will be held in Wausau on March 31 ­ April 1.
If you are interested make sure to email Dr. Hygnstrom at
Various Workshops & Certifications With the Aldo Leopold Nature
Center Basic Wildfire Firefighter and Prescribed Fire Training , Register by March 6, 2016
Chainsaw Safety Workshop ­ Level 1, Register by May 9, 2016
Chainsaw Safety Workshop ­ Level 2, Register by June 6, 2016
Red Cedar Watershed Conference­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
March 10th, 2016 at the University of Wisconsin ­ Stout Event Information:
Farm, city and waterfront success stories — profitable land management for clean water. Solutions to th
serious problem that plagues our lakes and rivers — runoff pollution A great networking opportunity for a
citizens at an important event. Approved for CEUs: 6 from the University of Wisconsin­Stout or 6 CEUs f
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 2016 Waterfowl Hunters Conference We welcome all sportsman and professionals passionate about waterfowling, its habitat, ecology, and th
northern winds that bring this passion, so please join us for our annual 2016 Conference to be held at th
Plaza Hotel and Suites in Wausau. — March 11 & 12, 2016. We are returning to a Friday/Saturday forma
this year with the Conference starting around noon on Friday and it should wrap up early Saturday
afternoon . Resgistration information. For more information click here. "Our Water, Our Future" Writing Contest
The "Our Waters, Our Future" Wri項ng Contest seeks short stories reflec項ng posi項ve futures for water and people in south‐
central Wisconsin. We've spent the last couple of years talking to area residents and then having our scien項sts model
possible futures to come up with four "Yahara 2070" scenarios. Now we want to see what other lovers of our lakes and
waters can come up with! The winning story will be published in Madison Magazine; the deadline is Feb. 1, 2016. All detail
can be found here: h⠀밂ps://項ng‐contest New Recognition and Networking Tool for Student Environmental
National Wildlife Federation’s EcoLeader Community is the first online community of its kind where
student leaders can share and collaborate on the important environmental work they’re doing on campus
and in the community, network, gain inspiration from students across the country and ultimately earn
national recognition for their leadership skills. Visit to join the community!
NWF’s EcoLeaders provides individuals the opportunity to:
• Connect with student leaders across the country for support and inspiration
• Share and collaborate on environmental projects they’re leading on campus or in the community
• Sharpen leadership skills for the environment
• Access the diverse resources of National Wildlife Federation and partner organizations
• Earn national recognition for leadership and positive impact on the environment and wildlife
National Wildlife Federation launched a new online community called EcoLeaders, a community for stude
environmental leaders.
EcoLeaders provides individuals the opportunity to:
Connect with other students in their region and nationwide on conservation and sustainability issues via
direct messaging to community members and through forums.
Access resources on a variety of sustainability topics – transportation, energy, water, wildlife/habitat, et
Start a project, and track actions – organize teams, share goals and updates.
Earn recognition from National Wildlife Federation for their leadership skills over the course of their
projects & campaigns, and a separate recognition opportunity for their positive impact on the
Visit to join the community!­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
If you have any other questions you can contact Cody Kamrowski at
Division Street Student Research Initiative How do we transform a barrier into a boulevard? The Division Street Student Research Initiative is a
unique project that will bring UWSP students from a range of disciplines into collaboration with faculty
partners, city officials, designers and artists, community members, and business groups in an initial effo
to consider the revitalization of north Division Street; a roughly ninety­two acre blighted
highway/business corridor adjacent to the UWSP campus.
For more information contact: Katja Marquart (, Tori Jennings
( or Anna Haines (
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Job Opportunities
Looking for a Job or Internship? All job postings are posted in CareerPoint*. CareerPoint can be found on the Career Services home page
or by clicking here.
Every student has their own account.
Your username is your student ID number
Your password is your birthday.
Once you activate your account, you may change your password.
The Reporter Staff encourage you to become familiar with CareerPoint.
Click here for a quick tutorial of searching for jobs. We will post highlights of incoming jobs, but all postings will be found on CareerPoint.
*Jobs in CareerPoint listed as "Internships" are not guaranteed to count for a credited internship. To ver
if a job will count, please check with your discipline's Internship Coordinator.
NEW CNR Internship Opportunites (Credit­approved Internships)
UW­Stevens Point Internships
USA Jobs Resume Writing Tips
Jobs Posted in CareerPoint This Week NEW
Fisheries Trainee, US Forest Service ­ Darby, MT­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Fisheries Trainee, US Forest Service ­ Darby, MT
Forestry Tech (Fire Specific), US Forest Service ­ Kooskia, ID
Trail Coordinator, Milwaukee County Dept of Parks, Wauwatosa, WI
Wildlife Mitigation Temp Position, US Department of Agriculture ­ Rhinelandser, WI
Water Resources Interns, WI Lake and Pond Resource LLC ­ Eldorado, WI
Biological Science Technician, US Department of Agriculture ­ San Diego, CA
Forestry and Parks Project LTE, WI­DNR ­ Black River Falls, WI Habitat Technician, McHenry County Conservation District ­ Richmound, IL
Executive Director, North Central Conservancy Trust (NCCT) ­ Central Wisconsin Area
Aquatic Field Technician, Onterra ­ De Pere, WI
Permanent Fish Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ­ Green Bay, WI
Term Fish Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ­ Green Bay, WI
Biological Science Tech (Wildlife), USDA ­ Multiple Locations, WI
Biological Science Tech (Wildlife), USDA ­ Flushing (Queens), NY
Community Planning Extension Specialist, Purdue University Extension Specialist ­ West
Layette, Indiana
Soil Scientist, Idaho Panhandle National Forest ­ Coeur d'Alene, ID
CBCW Boat Inspector, Golden Sands ­ Multiple Locations, WI
AIS Tech, Golden Sands ­ Multiple Locations, WI
Crewmember, SWP and the Great Lakes Conservation Corps ­ Upper Peninsula, MI
Graduate Research Assistantships Wetland Functional Assessment (Avian Emphasis) School of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Fisheries Resources Program, West Virginia University
STARTING DATE: August 2016 CLOSING DATE: Position is open until filled. Applications will be reviewed starting February 26, 2016. DESCRIPTION: The School of Natural Resources at West Virginia University is searching for an MS stude
as part of a collaborative project to evaluate wetland functions (biodiversity, water storage, nutrient
processing, and sediment retention) on Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Agricultural
Conservation Easement Program wetlands. The thesis will focus on evaluating wintering and migrating
avian abundance, diversity, and community structure within NRCS wetlands and on nearby reference
wetlands within West Virginia. The student will be working towards an MS in Wildlife and Fisheries
Resources at West Virginia University (
QUALIFICATIONS: B.S. in wildlife, environmental science, or related field. Minimum GPA of 3.25 and
combined quantitative/verbal GRE scores of 300 (~1,100 old scoring system). A strong interest in
wetland and avian ecology is required. Previous field experience in wetlands and working with waterfow
or songbirds is highly desired.­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
or songbirds is highly desired. CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
STIPEND: $16,536/year plus health insurance and university tuition waiver.
CONTACT: Student will be co­advised by Dr. James T. Anderson and Dr. Christopher T. Rota. Intereste
individuals should send a letter of interest, CV, a 500­word statement of purpose (why do you want to
work on this project, your research interests, and long­term career goals), unofficial copy of transcripts
and GRE scores, and contact information for 3 references to the following faculty:
Dr. Jim Anderson,
Dr. Chris Rota, James T. Anderson, Ph.D.Davis­Michael Professor Forestry and Natural Resources
Program Coordinator, Wildlife and Fisheries Resources
West Virginia University
(304) 293­3825 Office
Timberland Invest m ent Evaluation (Biophysical and Financial Risks) One Ph.D. graduate assistantship is available starting in Fall 2016 at Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources,
University of Georgia. Research will concentrate on timberland investment evaluation incorporating biophysical and
financial risks. Student will be responsible for organizing and analyzing data, preparing technical reports, and drafting
peer­reviewed publications. Student also will serve as teaching assistants for finance and economics classes at Warnel
School and/or Terry College of Business.
University of Georgia: The University of Georgia ( is a land grant/sea grant institution comprised of 17
schools and colleges founded in 1785. It has ~35,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.
Dr. Richard Bin Mei
Assistant Professor, Forest Resource Finance & Economics
Tel: (706) 542 5448 Fax: (706) 542 8356
Forest Resource Economics and Management
The Department of Forestry at Mississippi State University has a graduate assistantship available for an individual
interested in pursuing a MS degree in forestry with a specialization in forest resource economics and management. The
planned start date for this assistantship is June 1, 2016 and will remain open until filled. The assistantship includes an
annual stipend and full tuition waiver. Students are responsible for fees. The assistantship will be awarded for 2 years
contingent upon satisfactory yearly performance, and will require 20 hours of work per week.
To learn about the MSU Department of Forestry and College of Forest Resources, please visit our website
at Information on graduate admission to Mississippi State University can be obtained from the
MSU Office of Graduate Studies at
For more information on this assistantship opportunity, please contact:
Dr. Donald L. Grebner
Professor – Forest Resource Economics and Management
Box 9681
Mississippi State, MS 39762­9681
Phone: (662) 325­0928
Fax: (662) 325­8726
E­mail: Other Job Boards­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
CNR Reporter ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Other Job Boards Wisconsin County Code Administrators
Wisconsin Land and Water Land Trust Alliance
Wisconsin Planners
Planning Jobs
Schmeeckle Job Board USA Jobs
Chicagoland Environmental Network Texas A&M Job Board
Conservation Job Board
University of Georgia Forestry and Natural Resources Job Board
Cyber­Sierra Natural Resources Jobs
Eco Jobs
American Fisheries Society Job Site Arizona Game and Fish Department Career and Educational Opportunities in Ecology, Conservation & other Environmental Sciences
New Mexico State Employment Office Northern Arizona University School of Forestry Career Development The Wildlife Society Job Board Science Careers from the Journal Science WDNR Limited and Long Term Employment Jobs Minnesota DNR Employment Website Water Resource Jobs
Metropolitan Council Internships
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