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Principles of Marketing
MKT 320-02
Spring 2014
2:00pm – 3:15 pm, Bryan 122
Instructor Information
Richard Birch (use if sending attachments)
336-309-3849 (cell)
Office: Bryan 374 – Hours by appointment
Marketing, Grewal and Levy, 4th ed., McGraw-Hill, ISBN – 13 9780078029004
Role of textbook:
The text book serves as a reference, providing terminology, theories, models and
frameworks that are commonly accepted in marketing. Thus, in this course it will be
necessary for you to have some knowledge of the language and system of concepts
inherent to marketing. We may not talk about specific information contained in a
textbook reading unless you have specific questions about it. I welcome any questions,
so feel free to contact me.
BADM (BS) Marketing CBK Learning Objectives (MKT 320):
In every business class, we have learning objectives. These indicate what you should be
learning from each course. At the end of the semester, you will be asked to evaluate
how well this class met the learning objectives. In addition to the learning objectives
below, you will find that there are specific learning objectives for each class:
The marketing student will be able to prepare a research survey project
o Produce descriptive statistics from a research data set
o Interpret statistical information
The student will be able to develop a marketing strategy
o Critique a marketing strategy
o Develop a marketing plan
The marketing student will understand the consumer perspective
o Identify the steps in the consumer decision-making process
o Plan actions based on target market data
Additional Course Learning Objectives:
1. Acquire and evaluate marketing research. Additionally, utilize marketing research in
the marketing planning process. This objective will be measured by performance on
assignments, exams, and your performance on final case.
2. Employ the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning to develop and/or
analyze marketing strategies in terms of achieving company and consumer goals
relative to competition. This objective will be measured by performance on class
assignments, exams and the marketing plan.
3. Understand the 4P’s; product, price, promotion and place strategies, and the
relationship with positioning and branding. This objective will be measured by
performance on exams and your performance on the marketing plan.
Student expectations of Faculty
Students can refer to Bryan School Faculty and Student Guidelines to see the guidelines
of faculty performance and behavior. Additionally, I have two very important goals:
1. Provide students with the marketing concepts that assist them in becoming productive
contributors in the community (see Course Learning Objectives below).
2. Create a learning environment where students feel fairly treated.
Faculty Expectations of Students
Students are expected to know and abide by the Bryan School Faculty and Student
Guidelines in all matters pertaining to this course. Violations will be pursued in
accordance with the guidelines. Please do not get into trouble by violating the guidlines.
If you find yourself behind or in a difficult situation, please come see me. When in doubt
about whether something is or is not a violation, please see me.
MKT 320 Honor Code Honor Code
Please refer to the Bryan School Faculty and Student Guidelines. I should also like to
add, please do not get into trouble by violating the guidelines. If you find yourself behind
or in a difficult situation, please contact me. You will notice that the points are spread out
pretty well to minimize the impact from some bad grades
Absenteeism due to Religious Observance
:If you have any religious holidays that might result in an absence, you must contact me
at least two weeks before the holiday. I prefer to be contacted in the first two weeks of
class. There are a limited number, so please read the UNCG policy for that answer and
the answers to any other questions, which can be found under the Heading of “Religious
Observance” at link
Course Requirements
The iClicker 2 response device is a requirement for this course. The iClicker 1 or
iClicker+ CANNOT BE USED IN THIS COURSE. The cost new at is
$48. However, there are many listed on eBay and other online sources for as low as
$20. The iClicker 2 has an LCD display screen, the others do not. Be sure what you buy
is truly an iClicker 2. They can also be purchased at the bookstore both new and used.
You will need to have your iClicker by the second class meeting, as it will be used to
measure your attendance and participation. Each day that you do not have the iClicker
will cost you 8 points.
In-class Attendance and Participation:
There is an attendance and participation grade because of the integrative and
participative nature of this class. It includes attendance and oral participation.
Participation is measured in terms of consistently relevant (combination of quality and
quantity) contributions to class discussions. This can include asking relevant questions
and participation in group activities.
Attendance is part of the participation grade. Attendance at, and behavior in,
class meetings follows those standards of a professionally run meeting.
Be on time consistently.
No phones, irrelevant reading material, or conversations are permitted during class. No
laptops or tablets will be permitted in use during class unless given permission by the
If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to manage the situation. Therefore, you are
responsible for any information and/or material from a missed class. In the cases when
you know in advance of potential MULTIPLE time conflicts, resulting in absences, late
arrivals and/or early departures, you should consider taking the course at another time
because this situation would result in significant loss in participation and a possible
failing grade.
Participation Measurement:
The iClicker will be used to monitor your presence in the class for the duration of the
class, and your participation performance by answering questions. When you answer a
question with the iClicker, you will receive 0.3 points for responding and an additional 1.3
points for answering the question correctly. On Simulation class days, you will receive 1
point for participating with your team. Questions will be based on the chapter being
presented that day. Therefore, the chapters must be read prior to coming to class. The
maximum number of points that can be earned is 150.
Students work through various stages of an online simulated business venture. This
assignment accounts for 200 points toward the course total. The simulated marketing
game introduces basic concepts in marketing and requires students to make various
marketing decisions such as market opportunity analysis, brand development,
advertising, pricing and basic sales force management decisions. It also includes
simplified profit analysis. The game is set for 6 decision rounds with each round taking
about an hour to complete.
There is an additional cost of $25 per student to participate in the simulation. This will be
paid by the student at about the halfway point in the semester. Students must have
access to a credit, debit or prepaid card in order to pay for the simulation. This fee is
NOT INCLUDED in your tuition or other fees.
There will be four exams in this course. The final (fourth exam) will be a cumulative
Students with learning challenges that require testing adjustments such as a quiet
setting and/or additional time need to provide me with the appropriate documentation
from Office of Disability Services, ODS, at least one week before a test. Ideally the
student will do so at the beginning of the semester.
Those students with said challenges, but who have not registered as such, are
encouraged to contact ODS:
ODS Contact Information:
web site:
Suite 215 EUC, PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
VOICE/TTY 336.334.5440
FAX 336.334.4412
Generally there are no make-up exams except in the case of serious emergencies or
school related activities. When a student faces such a situation, the student must contact
me as soon as possible and must provide written evidence of the emergency which
includes verification of the time and date as well as a contact number of an individual
that can confirm the emergency. I do not want to know personal and/or sensitive
information, just the general nature of the emergency. It should be noted that the
requirement of written documentation of the issue is part of my effort to ensure that all
students in the course feel fairly treated.
With regard to the final exam time, students with more than two examinations within
24 hours may apply to the University Registrar's Office, 180 Mossman Building, for
permission to change their exam schedules. The usual policy is to change the middle
examination in a sequence of three.
Grade Scale
97 to 100
92 to 96.99
A90 to 91.99
88 to 89.99
82 to 87.99
B80 to 81.99
78 to 79.99
70 to 77.99
60 to 69.99
Below 60
Grade Break-down
Participation & Attendance……….150 points
Exam 1 ..........................................150
Exam 2...........................................150
Exam 3 ..........................................150
Final Exam.....................................200
TOTAL POINTS ..........................1000
Day 1 T – Jan 14
Day 2
Th – Jan 16
Day 3
T – Jan 21
Day 4
Th – Jan 23
Day 5 T – Jan 28
Day 6 Th – Jan 30
Day 7
T – Feb 4
Day 8
Th – Feb 6
Day 9
T – Feb 11
Intro. To Marketing – Perr.
Chapter 1 – Overview of Marketing
Video – Jeans
Chapter 2 – Marketing Strategies & Plan
Video – Home Shopping Network
Yum! Brands Video – Perr.
Retailing Strategies Video – Perr.
Chapter 3 – Marketing Ethics
Video – Newman’s Own Organics
Starbucks Video – Kerin
Marketing Ethics – Perr.
Chapter 4 – Analyzing the Market Environment
Video - Ford
Exam #1 – Chapters 1-4
Chapter 5 – Consumer Behavior
Video –
Chik –Fil-A Video – Perr.
Best Buy - Kerin
Chapter 6 – B to B Marketing
Video – Dole
Lands’ End Video – Kerin
John Deere Video – Perr.
Chapter 7 – Global Marketing
Video – Kraft – Oreos
Breathe Right Video – Kerin
Domino’s – Cate.
Chapter 8 – Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
Video – McDonald’s
Prince Video – Kerin
Market Diversity Video – Perr.
Day 10 Th – Feb13
Day 11 T – Feb 18
Day 12 Th – Feb 20
Day 13 T – Feb 25
Day 14 Th – Feb 27
Day 15 T – Mar 4
Day 16 Th – Mar 6
Day 17 T – Mar 18
Day 18 Th – Mar 20
Day 19 T – Mar 25
Day 20 Th – Mar 27
Day 21 T – Apr 1
Day 22 Th – Apr 3
Day 23 T – Apr 8
Day 24 Th – Apr 10
Day 25 T – Apr 15
Day 26 Th – Apr 17
Day 27 T – Apr 22
Day 28 Th – Apr 24
Day 29 Th – May 1
Chapter 9 – Marketing Research
Video – Kraft – Ritz Chips
Gathering Info. Video – Perr.
Exam #2 – Chapters 5-9
Chapter 10 – Product, Branding & Packaging Decisions
Video – Doritos
Hillerich & Bradsby Video – Perr.
Timken Co. Video – Perr.
Chapter 11 – Developing New Products
Video – Sara Lee
Activeion Video – Kerin
Celestial Seasonings – Perr.
Chapter 12 – Services: The Intangible Product
Video – Netflix
Phillies - Kerin
Chapter 13 – Pricing Concepts
Video – Taco Bell
Washburn Guitars Video – Kerin
Class Exercise – Break Even Analysis
Chapter 14 – Strategic Pricing Concepts
Exam # 3 – Chapters 10-14
Chapter 15 – Supply Chain & Channel Mgmt.
Video – New Balance
Act II Video – Kerin
Pepsi Video – Perr.
Chapter 16 – Retailing & Multichannel Mktg.
Video – M&M – Staples
Shopping Mall Video – Perr.
Chapter 17 – Integrated Marketing Communications
Video – Frito-Lay, HSN
Under Armour Video - Kerin
Chapter 18 – Advertising, PR & Sales Promotions
Video – Ford
Google Video – Kerin
Final Exam – Cumulative, 3:30 – 6:30