Chapter 9
Chapter 9
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Department of Defense Policy on Graduate Education for Military Officers (DOD) Directive
1322.10 dated 29 April 2008.
This directive addresses "graduate education requirements for military officer positions and the
utilization of qualified military officers in those positions." It is the policy of DOD that officer
positions will be validated for graduate education where such education is "essential for optimum
performance of duty." Guidelines are also provided for the development of appropriate criteria
for assigning graduate education requirements to billets. These guidelines are reflected in the
Navy-specific criteria contained in NAVPERS 15938 series, Vol I, Part B.
Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classifications NAVPERS 15839 (series),
Vol I.
This directive is issued as the principal reference manual for interpretation of coded entries on
manpower and personnel documents and reports. Part E of the regulation lists established
subspecialty codes and specifies General and Level criteria that have evolved over time to
describe the relationship between billet requirements and job performance.
Manual of Navy Total Force Manpower OPNAVINST 1000.16 (series).
This directive implements manpower planning systems by providing information, policy, tasking
and procedures for acquiring and effectively managing all Navy manpower. Chapters 4 and 6 of
OPNAVINST 1000.16 detail the documentation and processes for the Navy officer subspecialty
Navy Officer Occupational Classification System (NOOCS) OPNAVINST 1210.2B
This directive identifies the responsibilities and requirements for development, control,
maintenance, and review of the Navy Officer occupational Classification System (NOOCS).
Pers 440 (Graduate Education and Training Placement)
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS):
Officer Community Managers:
Navy Military Personnel Manual (MILPERSMAN):
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