FALL 2015
Fall 2015
UNCG Start Date:
UNCG Last day of classes
Monday, 8/17/2015
Monday, 11/30/2015
Integration of service systems management, human behavior, and marketing in the creation, delivery,
and assurance of service quality and customer satisfaction.
Class info:
Office hours:
Dr. Bonnie Canziani
473 Bryan Building
Web only assignments & tests on CANVAS
MW 8:30 to 10; 11-12 and by appointment using Google Hangout.
Required Text:
Required textbook: exams and assignments based on textbook. (USED BOOKS ARE FINE)
Principles of Service Marketing and Management, Christopher Lovelock & Lauren
Wright, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-040467-5.
It has been found online (please note, I am not responsible for this link, either live or missing):
Additional required readings and viewing materials, e.g., ppts, will be posted on a weekly basis on our
UNCG Canvas Course Management System:
Course Technical Guidelines:
Web Resources
1. Check Course every Tuesday noon for new postings—
postings will be usually uploaded the week before they are
due to the instructor.
2. Announcements and other messages may also be sent to you,
so check for these daily during the week.
3. Make sure you update your Internet browser so that Canvas
functions properly on your PC
(E-mail is the requested way to contact me.)
Email Rules (PLEASE FOLLOW):
E-mail Tips
1. Put STH or ENT 451 somewhere in the subject line so it
doesn’t go to SPAM.
2. Use your UNCG account or email me through CANVAS.
3. Try not to ask me questions that you can answer yourself by
looking at the syllabus or the blackboard site. You should read
the posted Syllabus document a couple of times.
4. Don't expect an immediate reply. I usually require a one
business day window but often answer sooner.
5. When replying to one of my emails, please leave all relevant
past information in your reply as part of whole conversation.
Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:
1. Explain differences between marketing a service versus manufacturing a product.
2. Summarize the unique challenges involved in managing and marketing services for small
and large businesses.
3. Distinguish various components of the service marketing mix as well as key issues
required in controlling service quality.
4. Discuss the role of customers in service delivery, customer satisfaction, relationship
building, customer loyalty, and service recovery.
5. Apply service marketing concepts to develop marketing strategies and techniques to
promote small and startup businesses.
6. Evaluate how service management concepts contribute to self-employment success.
This course is divided into chapter-based modules with journal reflection assignments for
credit, semester tests, and online 4-person group assignments. Each assigned reading set is
equivalent to a one week normal class time plus the usual expected additional study time that
UNCG suggests for each hour of class time. See schedule for further detail on topics and tasks.
NOTE!!! You will have access to weekly materials each Tuesday (noon) the week before
assignments are due, so you have multiple weekdays plus the entire weekend prior to
deadlines to work on the course material.
This means you are responsible for time management and using readings/practice assignments
to prep for your tests. Just because something is due on Monday doesn’t mean you have to
wait to study for it or do it on Monday. Do it earlier in the flexible time I am giving you so you
can keep on track. Last minute “apology” emails only hurt your credibility.
Note: the course runs until last day of classes. No work will be accepted after that. There
is no final exam nor any due date after the last day of classes on the academic calendar.
Examine the course schedule carefully. I try to grade efficiently around my other work
duties and travel during the semester and so I do require work to be submitted on time.
WORK IS ALWAYS DUE ON TIME. You can submit work earlier than assigned due date. I
may or may not have time to grade it early, so that is not a given.
No late work on assignments accepted due to an extremely tight grading schedule that
needs to be followed to get work back to you in a timely fashion.
 Due to the web format of the class, no work is accepted outside of class [or outside of CANVAS
channels, e.g., tests on CANVAS]—do NOT email, put under my door, or in my mailbox any
work assignments.
 No late submissions are accepted: All deadlines are enforced with no exceptions.
 Make-up policy: No make ups permitted.
 I will give one opt-in comprehensive test you can optionally do last week of class to
replace your lowest test grade. If you miss a test, this helps. This cannot replace
assignment points, just replaces one lowest test grade.
 Students are responsible for checking their grades on Canvas frequently. Please e-mail
your instructor as soon as you have any questions regarding your grades.
 No grade change request will be accepted after any assignment, quiz, test, or other
grade has been posted for one week.
By reviewing this chart and following explanations, students will know exactly what they are to
accomplish in this class as well as how their grade will be determined.
Initial student sign-in
5 points
5 independent service
reflections (5 pts each).
25 points
Focus on reflective
analysis of lessons.
4 tests (50 pts each) on
concepts, essential terms,
200 points
and principles of service
6 group assignments (20
pts each). Longer
120 points
analytical assignments;
based on local companies.
Total points possible during the course
Due Thursday 8/20 midnight to
stay registered in course
Due on Mondays midnight as per
listed on course schedule.
1 through 6
Due before test closing time as
indicated on course schedule.
1 through 6
Due on Mondays midnight as per
course schedule.
1 through 6
350 points
You will receive a score of 0 for any work not submitted. To receive credit for the course,
you must earn a letter grade of D- or higher based on fulfilling assigned course work (e.g.,
assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.). Your final grade in the course will be a letter grade. Letter
grade equivalents for numerical grades:
340 - 350 = A+/326 - 339 = A/315 - 325 = A-/305 - 314 = B+/291 - 304 = B/280 - 290 = B-/256 - 279 = C+/
245 - 255 = C/235- 244 = D+/221 - 234 = D/210 - 220 = D-/below 210 = F
Group Assignments
The purpose of these is twofold. One is to apply chapter lessons to real life companies and the
second is to gain increased experience using available meeting channels, e.g., using document
sharing and Google hangout for online collaboration on projects.
Assignment instructions will be via Canvas as per syllabus.
Due to size of class, groups will be randomly set up by me using a Canvas tool.
Groups only submit one paper per group per assignment; grade applies to all members.
Groups must make sure all work is fully integrated, using one single style, format, good
flow of content across paper, etc. Work of individual students should not be obvious.
General online test guidelines
You will have only 1 opportunity to take online tests within the available time window. Tests
will normally be available over multiple days so you can choose a convenient time to take
them. Once you start the test, you must finish it in the given time.
Please note: the on-line test link will disappear from Canvas when the syllabus deadline to
take test is past. If you miss taking that test, you won’t be able to make it up.
Tests will follow the learning goals of weekly work.
Regular tests are not comprehensive; the optional replacement test is comprehensive.
Test questions are based on the textbook, lecture power point slides, or posted materials
on Canvas.
Tests are open book but they are timed (75 minutes per test), so you will need to have a
fairly good grasp of the material in order to achieve a satisfactory grade.
Each test has multiple-choice or similar type objective questions programmed into Canvas.
The test questions will appear one at time. As soon as you “submit” the entire test, you will
be able to view results with correct answers, assuming you do not submit test late, pass
deadlines, time windows, etc.
You may email your instructor if any technical problem occurs while taking the on-line test,
however, response time will reflect normal business work hours, e.g., between 9 and 5 pm
during weekdays only. Please verify that you have considered all other tech issues before
assuming it is a problem with Canvas.
Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Do not wait until the last
minute to take the on-line tests.
Themed Service Incident Reflections
You are asked to submit critical service incidents you have experienced. The fresher the better
so you can share clear details of what happened and describe your thought process. Each one
will have a themed focus. Your entry should fully describe the incident in terms of:
1. factual details—what happened, when, where, nature of transaction, at what type of
service organization, any special factors that complicated the service request/delivery
2. comments—your feelings, observations, actions taken (if any)
3. your analysis of the situation BASED ON TEXT CONCEPTS AND COURSE MATERIAL (why
it was positive/negative/neutral in generating satisfaction), your diagnosis of the causes,
and any brief action or recommendations that seem appropriate.
The first sentence of the UNCG Student Code of Conduct is: “Members of the UNCG community
respect fundamental principles for ensuring a campus environment conducive to peaceful and
productive living and study. These principles include five values: honesty, trust, fairness,
respect, and responsibility.” All university members (students, faculty, and staff) have a
responsibility to uphold these five values, and this is true in the Bryan classroom environment
(both face-to-face and web) and related academic activities.
All policies and procedures of this course follow those stated in the publication University
Regulations concerning attendance, nondiscrimination policy, academic regulations and
procedures, student rights and student conduct, among others. Students must abide by the
Honor Code of the University of North Carolina Greensboro on all assignments and
examinations related to this course. See more information at
If any member of the class needs special accommodations, please work with the Office of
Accessibility Resources & Services so I may provide reasonable accommodations to ensure that
you have a fair opportunity to perform in this class.
You should contact the Office of Accessibility Resources & Services (OARS) at 336-334-5440
for initial assistance. See more information at
Please advise me as soon as possible of such disability and the accommodations
recommended by the Office of Accessibility Resources & Services.
Schedule STH/ENT 451 Fall 2015
New material and work will be posted Tuesday noon before the week due.
Additional study material is required at times, e.g., ppts, articles, video clips.
Assignments or quizzes are due Monday midnight as posted below.
Course tests are open from Tuesday noon to Sunday midnight, usually.
Work Due
Do by Thursday 8/20 to stay enrolled
This will be found in Assignments
Week of August 17 –
Why Study Services?
Service Reflection 1
Review syllabus
TEXT: Chapter 1
Follow instructions for “CIT Analysis”
under Canvas Assignments
Due Monday 8/24 midnight
Due Date
Week of August 24 –
Understanding Service Processes
TEXT: Chapter 2
Follow instructions for “Classification
Exercise” under Canvas Assignments
Due Date
Due Monday 8/31 midnight
Week of August 31 –
Managing Service Encounters
TEXT: Chapter 3
Follow instructions for “The Customer’s
Service Reflection 2
Role” under Canvas Assignments
Due Date
Due Monday 9/7 midnight
Course Test 1: Open from
Tuesday 9/8 noon to
Monday 9/14 midnight on
topics of
TEXT: Chapters 1, 2, 3 and all
other posted material within
this block of time.
Week of September 7 –
Customer Behavior in Service Environments
TEXT: Chapter 4
No assignment due (test 1 is open)
Due Date
Week of September 14 –
Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty
TEXT: Chapter 5
Follow instructions for “The Right
Service Reflection 3
Course Test 2: Open from
Customer” under Canvas Assignments
Tuesday 10/6 noon to
Due Date
Due Monday 9/21 midnight
Wednesday 10/14 midnight
NOTE: September 22 to 29 – Canziani out of town—very limited
on topics of
email access
TEXT: Chapters 4, 5, 13 & 14
Week of September 21 –
and all other posted material
Balancing Demand and Capacity
within this block of time.
TEXT: Chapter 13
Canziani out of town
Due Date
No assignment due
Week of September 28 –
Managing Customer Waiting Lines and Reservations
TEXT: Chapter 14
Follow instructions for “Waiting for
Service Reflection 4
Service” under Canvas Assignments
Due Date
Due Monday 10/5 midnight
Week of October 5–
Complaint Handling and Service Recovery
TEXT: Chapters 6 and 12
Follow instructions for “Service Recovery”
Service Reflection 5
under Canvas Assignments
Due Date
Due Monday 10/19 midnight (after break)
Week of October 12 –
No new reading during break
Course Test 3: Open from
Continue Service Reflection 5
Tuesday 11/3 noon to
Due Date
Due Monday 10/19 midnight
Sunday 11/8 midnight on
Week of October 19 –
topics of
The Service Product
TEXT: Chapter 6, 7, 8 & 12
TEXT: Chapter 7
and all other posted material
Follow instructions for “Self-service
within this block of time.
Group Assignment
Designs” on Canvas Assignments
Due Date
Due Monday 10/26 midnight
Week of October 26 –
Pricing Strategies for Services
TEXT: Chapter 8
Follow instructions for “Price and Value”
Group Assignment
on Canvas Assignments
Due Date
Due Monday 11/2 midnight
Week of November 2–
Promotion and Education
TEXT: Chapter 9
Follow instructions for “Social Media
Group Assignment
Analysis” in Canvas Assignments
Due Date
Due Monday 11/9 midnight
Week of November 9 –
Service Positioning and Design
TEXT: Chapter 10
Follow instructions for “Service
Group Assignment
Positioning” under Canvas Assignments
Due Date
Due Monday 11/16 midnight
Week of November 16 –
Place, Cyberspace, and Time
TEXT: Chapter 11
Follow instructions for “Place and Photo
Group Assignment
Evidence” under Canvas Assignments
Due Date
Due Monday 11/23 midnight
Optional test posted 11/17; open until end of course (11/30)
Course Test 4: Open from
Tuesday 11/17 noon to
Sunday 11/22 midnight on
topics of
TEXT: Chapter 9, 10, & 11
and all other posted material
within this block of time.
Optional comprehensive
replacement test available
from Tuesday 11/17 noon
to Monday 11/30 midnight
(last day of class)