Section 2.3 Applications

Section 2.3
Applications of Linear Equations
When Solving a Word Problem . . .
Step 1
Read and understand what the question is asking.
Step 2
Draw a picture if applicable.
Step 3
Assign a variable
Step 4
Set up and solve an equation.
Step 5
Check your answer and see if it makes sense.
Step 6
State the answer with appropriate units.
Great reference chart on p. 67 in your
Example 1 (#32)
The perimeter of a certain rectangle is 16
times the width. The length is 12 cm
more than the width. Find the length and
width of the rectangle.
Example 2 (#34)
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in
Washington, D.C. is in the shape of two
sides of an isosceles triangle. If the two
walls of equal length were joined by a
straight line of 438 ft, the perimeter of
the resulting triangle would be 931.5 ft.
Find the lengths of the two walls.
Example 3 (#38)
In 2009, the New York Yankees and the
New York Mets had the highest payrolls
in Major League Baseball. The Mets’
payroll was $65.6 million less than the
Yankee’s payroll, and the two payrolls
totaled $337.2 million. What was the
payroll for each team?
Example 4 (#42)
Composite scores on the ACT exam
rose from 20.8 in 2002 to 21.1 in 2009.
What percent increase was this, to the
nearest tenth of a percent?
Example 5 (#44)
In 1995, the average cost of tuition and fees
at private four-year universities in the U.S.
was $12,216 for full-time students. By
2009, it had risen approx. 115.1%. To the
nearest dollar, what was the approximate
cost in 2009?
Example 6 (#50)
Sheryl Zavertnik won $60,000 on a slot
machine in Las Vegas. She invested part
of the money at 2% simple interest and
the rest at 3%. In one year, she earned a
total of $1600 in interest. How much
was invested at each rate?
Example 7 (#56)
How many liters of a 14% alcohol solution
must be mixed with 20 L of a 50% solution
to get a 30% solution?
Liters of Solution Percent
(as a decimal)
Liters of
Pure Alcohol
Example 8 (#60)
How much water must be added to 6 gal
of a 4% insecticide solution to reduce the
concentration to 3%?
Example 9 (#54)
Mona received a bonus of $17,000. She
invested the money in an account paying
6.5%. How much additional money should
she deposit in an account paying 5% so that
the return on the two investments will be
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