Appendix D  American Recovery & Reinvestment Act  Institution:        Shelton State Community College       Date of Submission:              8/4/09_______                       

Appendix D American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Alabama Community College System Monthly Update Form Institution: Shelton State Community College Date of Submission: 8/4/09_______ The amounts entered below should not represent monthly totals. They should report cumulative totals for the Recovery Act life of the program/grant. 1) Grant Name 2) CFDA Number: 3) Status of Application: 4) Which type of recipient are you? 5) Application Date: 6) Award Date: 7) Status of Expenditures: State Fiscal Stabilization Funds 84.394 Options will include: Approved, Denied, or Applied (Pending) Sub‐recipient (Prime‐State of Alabama Governor’s Office) 05‐28‐09 Options will include: Funds Received, Funds Currently Expended, All Funds Expended (Grant Closed) 0 0 $1,132,448 0 0 8) # of Jobs Created: 9) # of Jobs Retained: 10) ARRA Funds Awarded: 11) ARRA Funds Received: 12) ARRA Funds Expended: 13) Performance Metric 1 This should include brief statistical information. (if applicable) 14) Performance Metric 2 (if applicable) 15) Performance Metric 3 (if applicable) Institution information verified by: DeLane Bailey