Physical Science (Physics)

Physical Science (Physics)
Date: 3/31/11
Content: Mass (measurements) – Weight Differences
Essential Questions/Learning Targets: The student will be introduced to the basic diagrams of a triple
beam balance. The student can measure different objects’ mass using the triple beam balance. The
student will be able to distinguish between the affects of gravity compared to weight and the idea of mass.
Independent Work – establishing engagement (8-10 minutes): KWL enrichment. What do you Know
about mass and weight? What is it that you WANT to know about mass and weight? What is it that you
LEARNED about mass and gravity? They will predict the order of greater mass of items measured.
Guiding Purpose – fostering engagement (3-5 minutes): Classroom discussion explaining differences
between weight and mass. Questioning and answering.
Interactive Instruction and Authentic Engagement – deepening understanding (25-40 minutes):
Student will work together to measure the mass of several objects. They will record the
information that they gather. Materials that they will measure:
Closure and Consolidation – making meaning, clarify (5-10 minures):
Physical Science (Physics)