Women and Gender Studies Minor 18 credit hours

Women and Gender Studies
Women and Gender Studies
18 credit hours
This program offered by College of Arts & Sciences/Anthropology
& Sociology Department
• All courses for a minor must be completed at Webster
• Courses completed with a grade below C- do not count
toward fulfilling the requirement for a minor.
• Courses used to fulfill a major may not be used to fulfill a
requirement for a minor.
Program Description
The women and gender studies program provides students with
an interdisciplinary approach to studying women, gender, and
sexuality locally, nationally, and globally. Courses in women and
gender studies emphasize women's contributions to society and
the social, economic, and cultural institutions that oppress and
empower men and women.
Required Courses
• 18 credits from any of the
WGST courses listed in the catalog or any non-WGST
courses listed as possible electives in the major.
Of these 18 credit hours, 6 credit hours must be at the 3000
level or above
Strongly Recommended
• WGST 1020 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
• WGST 2010 Feminist and Gender Theory
• WGST 4650 Women and Gender Studies Capstone
Webster University 2016-2017 Undergraduate Studies Catalog DRAFT