Phy 133: Things to know:

Phy 133:
Things to know:
The following things were deliberately left off of the "Tables and Formulas" handout, because you
should know them.
Newton's 3rd law:
If A exerts a force on B, then B exerts an equal and opposite force on A.
Weight: W = mg
Kinetic energy at non-relativistic speeds: KE = ½mv
Gravitational potential energy: in a uniform field: Ug = mgh
Angular momentum of a particle:
Conservation Laws (E, & )
Pressure: P = F/A (F = force, A = area)
T = 1/f (T = period, f = frequency)
v = fλ (f = frequency, v = speed of wave, λ = wavelength.)
From Phy 132:
Definition of potential: V = UE/q (Potential difference: ΔV = ΔUE/q)
sec. 5:
- speed of light in a vacuum: c = about 3 x 108 m/s
sec. 6:
- Energy of a photon: E = hf (h = Planck’s constant, f = frequency)