Building Green: One Woman’s Journey Florissant Valley CTL

Building Green: One
Woman’s Journey
7 May 10
Florissant Valley
Peggy Moody Ph.D
Assoc Prof Psychology & District Sustainability Coordinator
The Buffalo River National Park
Yellville, AR Courthouse
Caney, AR
10 miles from Yellville
My topography
Arkansas dreaming
 Land of rivers
Buffalo River National Park
Land of trails
 Ozark
Land of caves
 Many people used
these caves for
Mammoth Spring Caves
Land of quiet reflection
 Tom & Tere
the Buffalo
and Ozark
Land of family
Tere and her pumpkins
Mom’s visit
What is building green?
 For me,
 Design that will be energy efficient;
 Kind to the earth
 placement on the land
 use of materials keeping my footprint as small as
 Cradle to cradle
 from first dig to the possibility of deconstruction
200 years from now.
Many green certifications
EarthCraft Home rating (South Eastern states)
Environments for living (GE)
Healthy House standard (Am Lung Association)
Energy Star (cut energy by 15%)
NAHB (National Assoc of Home Builders)
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design) from USGBC
Seven guidelines (NAHB)
Energy efficiency
Resource efficiency
Water efficiency
Lot development
Green Building Guidelines (cont)
• Site development
• Indoor environmental
• Homeowner education
 NO certification (for now)
 My sister Tere and husband
Tom built their home by
Tere and Tom’s 20 x 24’ cabin
Site location
Where could
we cut the
fewest trees?
Site location (cont)
 The view of my “hollers”
 South orientation to
capture passive solar
(FREE winter warming)
 Cut few trees to preserve
FREE cooling in the hot
and humid Arkansas
Building Design
 Garage with a woodshop (16x20’)
 Fabric art studio (16x20’)
 Porch for shading intense summer
sun from studio
 Spot for composting toilet
outside my studio
 Studio double as guest cabin
Building design (cont)
 Lots of LIGHT and
nature’s views
 A sense of SPACE—
deck increased living
My Design
 Flooring—piers, rather than foundation (less concrete,
better air for cooling)
 Roofing—5 on 12 pitch trusses; scissor for in studio
(creates more spacious ceiling), regular trusses for garage
(storage in rafters)
 Porch—8’ L-shaped deck allows access to the woods all
around, and to my view of the hollers (2); roof
overhangs deck creating a 40x20 arial view
Design (cont)
 West (view) facing--5.0’ window + full glass door + 3.0 window over
kitchenette sink
 South (passive solar) facing—2 5.0’ windows
 East (sunrise)—2 3.0 garage windows
 North (winter winds)—no windows
Design (cont)
 Landscaping—natural, using native azaleas and wildflowers; paths in
wood chips that are in abundance after ice storm of Feb 09
 Indoors—front door on West wall, kitchenette; “cube” loft (with
futon); open studio
Outlets for cube
 Driveway—30 tons of limestone chip stone (porous pavers as I can
 Piers—12 sonotubes; 16 bags of cement (8” tubes in garage; 12”
on studio); rebar; and rock from property
 Flooring—beam joists; plywood (without formaldehyde glue);
and stone tile for catching passive solar
Materials (cont)
 Studs—2x6” locally purchased wood for walls and
trusses; wider depth allows for more insulation
 Insulation—corn-based foam insulation,
(contractor installed)
 Drywall—standard, but investigated “green”
drywall made from post-consumer materials—
very new (expensive) option
Materials (cont)
 Free (reusing) Wood stove—plenty of
natural wood source from downed trees on
 2 fans—energy star (cooling and warming)
 Open kitchen cupboards (FSC); recycled
sink from yard sale; propane stove; high
energy-efficient chest frig
 Composting toilet—no water, tank below deck for easy disposal of
 1500 gallon Cistern--collecting water off roof
 Metal roofing--cream-colored paint for deflecting sun’s heat
 Siding—Hardie Cement Board—long lasting & fire-resistant
 Plastic wood decking—gray-green color
 Solar panels—electric, off the grid—energy from the sun
 Heating
 Wood stove
 Passive solar from stone tile radiated into room
 Plenty of trees to block winter winds
 Cooling
2’ eaves for more shelter from hot sun
8’ porch on West side to shade setting sun
Shade from many trees in west
Fans and cross ventilation
Energy-efficiency (cont)
 Electricity
 Solar panels
 Air-Tight building shell
 High R value for insulation
 Caulking (without fumes)
 Water
 Collecting water off roof into cistern
 Year-round spring on property; 700’elevation
below studio; 2ndcistern above my home that
gravity feeds to me (and to sister’s garden and
Just finished
 Tile flooring
 Turn around in driveway
 My first tiny solar panel!
Still to come…
 Solar array and battery
 Garage floor
 Building kitchenette and
You too can make your dreams come true!