Quick-Write Topics for "Doubt"

Quick-Write Topics for "Doubt"
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Which people or events have shaped
your world view? Have you become
disillusioned in any way? How do you
feel about that? Write a brief paragraph
about a person or event that caused you
to reevaluate your concept of how the
world works. Use examples.
Identify a cause or belief in something
about which you feel strongly. Imagine a
circumstance that might cause you to
change your mind about your convictions.
Write a short paragraph describing if and
under what circumstances you might
change your convictions.
Answer each of the following
questions in a complete sentence, and
then identify how you know the
answers. Are you relying on direct
observation? Intuition? Heresay?
Other sources? Why are you so sure
about the answer? Or are you
What color are your mother's eyes?
Whom do you trust?
What color is the ocean?
Is there life after death?
Is it always wrong to steal?
Is there life on other planets?