Exercise 1 (page 601) Glossary of Usage Unit: Formative Assessment

Glossary of Usage Unit: Formative Assessment
Exercise 1 (page 601)
Circle the standard choice of the words in parentheses in each of the following sentences:
1. Some pets find it hard to (adapt, adopt) to city life.
2. This new product has had a harmful (affect, effect) on some people.
3. Does this poem contain any (allusions, illusions) to Homer’s Odyssey?
4. Jane and Nina are (alumni, alumnae) of our school.
5. I own a large (number, amount) of campaign buttons.
6. During my travels in Europe, I met Americans (everywheres, everywhere).
7. Everyone likes peanut butter (accept, except) you.
8. One line looks longer because of an optical (allusion, illusion).
9. We all (adapted, adopted) the resolution to have a class picnic.
10. A letter went out to all (alumni, alumnae) of the state university.
11. This is (all the farther, as far as) I can run.
12. How does humidity (affect, effect) the speed of sound?
13. Everyone (accept, except) Janet and me applied there.
14. I hope that at least one college will (accept, except) me for admission next year.
15. Ms. Benchley is an (alumni, alumnae) of Reed College.
16. Were any crops (affected, effected) by this year’s dry spell?
17. The quiz-show contestant won a large (amount, number) of points by correctly answering questions about
18. The expression “lock, stock, and barrel” is an (allusion, illusion) to parts of a flintlock rifle.
19. Please (accept, except) my congratulations.
20. The end of the film had a great emotional (affect, effect) on us.