Chapter President
- plan and run weekly meetings
- coordinate among the leadership team
- represent the chapter
RHIT events
company contacts
- manage chapter policy
- Career Fair: new friends
- Eli Lilly
- ArcelorMittal
- many more!
- Photo Booth: more impact this year
- Meeting with Eliseo: We ROCK!
Angela Hanson
Junior Mathematics Major
Hometown: Terre Haute, IN (far away...I know)
Other activities: RHIT Dance, Homework Hotline, Drama Club
[email protected]
CM 1035
Chapter Vice President
- Help President with whatever tasks are needed
“Right-hand man”
- Plan most of Nationals, make sure everyone is ready to go.
- Help new members get acquainted with the chapter and sense of familia.
- Nationals people: Waiting on Dexter&Co. to give us the card to purchase
- We have to pay for hotels because we waited too long :(
- Within the next week, everything should be finalized!!
- I hope everyone is crushing it during third week! One more day until the
weekend! :)
JD Briones
- Junior, Biomedical Engineering
- Hometown: Greencastle, IN
- Interests: Music, Netflix, and Tumblr
- Hobbies: School, SHPE, Volleyball
- Best summer trip: Istanbul, Turkey!
Ask me about it sometime!
- Contact Info: [email protected]
Chapter Secretary
In charge of writing National Report about club’s progress,
community involvement, continuing traditions, etc.
Keep record of all proceedings and events
Maintain all paperwork and membership information
Nicole Mora
Junior Civil Engineering Student
Hometown: Alta Loma, CA
Interests: Structural Engineering and Architecture
Activities: SHPE secretary, ASCE event coordinator
Hobbies: Travel
Summer Work/ Activities: Interned at American Structurepoint this summer.
Project was located in Angola, IN. I went to Puerto Vallarta, MX this
Chapter Treasurer
Keep books and records of money received and disbursed
Collet quarterly dues ($10)
Make a budget and allocate to different events
Current Balance
Pay dues!!!
made $220 with Photo Booth
Daniel Reyna
Junior Chemical Engineering Student
Hometown: South Elgin, IL
Activities: SHPE, AXΣ, Symphony Orchestra, SAA, Tutor, and AIChE
Contact Info: (708)738-4197, CM1259, [email protected]
Regional Rep and Vice RSR!
- Represent the chapter/region 6 (central)
- Connect with other SHPE chapters (IUPUI)
- Attend SHPE National Institute for Leadership
- Connect with IN, IL, WI chapters and regional leaders
Coming up
Plan for national conference (Nov 11-15) and regional
conference (Spring)
Contact other nearby chapters for possible events/hangouts
in the future
Brian O’Connor
Sophomore Electrical Engineering
[email protected]
CM 463
Academic Chair - Andrea Schultz
- Maintain and uploads files to the online
filing system
- Present workshops pertaining to the
career fair, LinkedIn, resume
help, study tips, etc.
- Hold study sessions for finals each quarter
- Attend Nationals and Regionals
IT Chair - Josue Luna
- Chapter website
- source of recent & archived information
- Social media
- source of immediate information
- Misc tech support
- Contact me if interested in webdev
Programs Chair
● Responsible for regional and chapter projects and events
● Responsible for informing the chapter of upcoming events on campus
● Responsible for organizing fundraising events throughout the year and our
annual philanthropy event
Upcoming event:
Dia de los Muertos
Karina Colotl
Sophomore Electrical Engineer, minoring in Robotics
Hometown: Kearny, NJ
Random facts: Colotl means scorpion in Nahuatl, did research at Rose this
summer, Marketing team manager for Engineers Without Borders
[email protected]
Community Outreach Chair
Organize community service events
Keep track of the chapters service hour
Interact with people and organizations in our area
Things to look forward to:
Thank you letter from boys and girls club
Rose-Hulman Day of Service -- October 17
Kevin Ndife
From Terre Haute
Sophomore Biomedical Engineering Major
Considering med school
Head Mentor of Relations: FIRST ROBOTICS
Likes the word "neat"
[email protected]