Mary Beth Armstrong Lesson Plans Week of Feb. 23-27

Mary Beth Armstrong
Lesson Plans Week of Feb. 23-27
Monday – SNOW DAY
Tuesday – SNOW DAY
Wednesday (25)
Students will complete a bell work to review what will be scored during the journal check on Tuesday.
Review the three parts of a scientific explanation. Show students an exemplar of a proficient scientific
explanation. Finish the scientific explanation about what caused the bubble to rise when the bubble
was placed into the hot water and be pushed into the bottle when it was placed into the cold water.
Volunteers will share their work with the class. We will use the success criteria to offer suggestions for
improvement or to offer complements for a job well done.
Formative Assessment: Bell work Group work geologic practice
Differentiation: Small group work with Instructional Aide if needed.
Thursday (26)
There will be a journal check to begin class. Students will score their own journal. Students will score
their journal using the following success criteria:
Up to date Table of Contents (entries 19-32) with date
Completed handouts (19-32)
Completed bell work
Big Ideas for LT-3
Summative Test chart for LT 1 and 2
We will take a practice quiz over LT 3 and 4 using the SMART Response clickers. Students will get
immediate feedback on the quiz and will record the number of questions that they missed on each
learning target in their journals. They can use this information to help them prepare for Thursday’s quiz.
We will review the questions and answers from the test before class ends
Formative Assessment: Practice Quiz LT 3 and 4
Differentiation: The quiz will be read orally to all students.
Friday (27)
Students will then complete a group activity in which they must apply geologic principles in order to place events
in order from oldest to youngest. Students will solve the first puzzle and must then rotate to another station
where they will evaluate the work of another group (just like the work of scientists). When students have rotated
through 3 or 4 stations, they will return to their home group to look at comments written by their classmates.
Students will use the information to make changes to their original answers if necessary. For the remainder of
time, groups that had the same diagrams will compare and share their thinking. For questions that come up for
groups, we will address them in a whole class discussion.
If time remains, students will answer the follow up questions on the SMART Response clickers.
Formative Assessment: Group work geologic practice, clicker quiz