Homework and Class Work for ENG 100B Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012

Homework and Class Work for ENG 100B
Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012
1st Pd: Autumn Bailey, Alli Banks, Blake Barhorst, Joy Buckler, Logan Blevins, Jessie Fugett, Haley Morehouse
2nd Pd: Brianna Means, Haley Devaney, Macie Lowe
Read Now You See It . . . Chapter 5 (the second half).
Complete Reading Response Journal. Be prepared to discuss on Wednesday, December 12.
ENg 100
commas practice (extra)
Insert or remove commas, as needed. If a comma needs to be removed, circle it.
Please label the reason the comma is necessary or not necessary
by writing the number/letter above the comma or its location of removal.
My dad works for the Parker Pen Company 1 Parker Place Janesville Wisconsin 53545.
2. Water transports nutrients throughout the body aids in digestion and helps regulate body temperature.
3. Why Bill I didn’t know you were born in Windsor Ontario too.
4. Woodrow Wilson our twenty-eighth President was born in Staunton Virginia on December 28 1856.
5. Did you know that Wilson was President during World War I and was awarded the Novel Peace Prize in 1919.
6. However the United States Senate rejected the League of Nations the project that Wilson sponsored.
7. Trinidad is one of the most prosperous islands in the Caribbean but unemployment usually averages thirteen
8. Sugar coffee cocoa citrus fruits and bananas are Trinidad’s chief crops.
9. Located off the coast of Venezuela Trinidad has 1,100,000 people and 150,000 television sets.
10. A group of kangaroos is called a mob but a group of geese on the other hand is a gaggle.
11. If I finish my report if I do the laundry and if I promise to be home by eleven I can go to the concert.
12. At the clambake on the beach Geroge at thirty clams four lobsters and a loaf of French bread.
13. We were exhausted yet we couldn’t fall asleep.
14. Even though I miss Topeka I love our new home at 416 Lincoln Road Chicago Illinois 60606.
15. If you could come home from your vacation a day early Janice you could come to my party on July 4.
16. Of course I want you to come.
17. Please address this letter to Phyllis M. Saunders, M.D.
18. The party which I have been planning for three months will celebrate our country’s birthday my sister Megan’s
graduation and my parents’ wedding anniversary.
19. He believed things would turn out all right for he always carried his lucky charm a rabbit’s foot in his pocket.
20. I tell you Joseph no one not even our parents will believe that we were kidnapped.
21. The decision to establish a Penal Colony at Botany Bay was based on more factors than just the need to dispose
of convicts. Besides the suitable conditions of the area that promised to make the convicts self-sufficient within
a year, several other aspects of New South Wales, made it appealing to the government. Botany Bay offered an
abundance of flax, hemp and timber, which were needed by the Navy at the time. In addition, the government,
was not ignorant of the economic and military advantages of this position. Its great distance from Britain meant
it was a strategic location and the fact that the convicts would have no means of escape from the island
continent, added merit to the location. These considerations, however, were not unique to Botany Bay.