Math for ALL the Senior Class Decision Making — Advanced Mathematical

Math for ALL the Senior Class—
Advanced Mathematical
Decision Making
An initiative of the
Charles A. Dana Center and the
Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics
with major funding from
Greater Texas Foundation
Cathy Seeley
Charles A. Dana Center
October 8, 2010
What you have…
• Student Information Sheet
• Frequently Asked Questions
• Website:
• Write one sentence that describes what it
would mean for a student to graduate from
high school ‘college and career ready.’
Advanced Mathematical Decision Making
• Rigorous, relevant alternative to pre-calculus
• Follows Algebra II and Geometry
• 4th-year math requirement for non-STEM majors or
for workforce training programs
• Elective for calculus-intending students
• Preparing students for
college and careers
Advanced Mathematical Decision Making
• Statistics, finance, discrete math,
modeling with algebra, and geometry
• Reasoning, decision-making
• Students communicating and presenting
• Rigorous, relevant,
AND accessible
Course Outline
1. Analyzing Numerical Data
2. Probability
3. Statistical Studies
4. Using Recursion in Models and Decision Making
5. Using Functions in Models and Decision Making
6. Decision Making in Finance
7. Networks and Graphs
8. Spatial and Geometric Modeling (planned)
9. Decision Making in Fair Division/Selection (planned)
Proposed Suite of TX H.S. Math Courses
• Algebra I / Geometry / Algebra II
• Math Models With Applications (after Alg. I; before Alg. II)
• Pre-Calculus (Alg. II pre-req)
• Independent Study in Mathematics:
Advanced Mathematical Decision Making
• AP Calculus (or IB)
• AP Statistics
• Concurrent/dual enrollment
Take a look inside an AMDM classroom…
Kelly Flickinger
Bowie High School, Austin ISD
View 20-minute classroom video
Creating the course…
• Materials
High-quality, comprehensive, coherent instructional
materials need to be readily available
• Professional development
Need comprehensive, high-quality professional
• Support
Need continuing professional development/support
• Community
2009-2010 Pilot
• 100 teachers; 87 Texas high schools (2 out of state)
• Free pdf files of comprehensive instructional materials
(student and teacher materials)
• Online web communities
(four groups of 25 to 35)
• 8 days of professional development throughout the year
(3 days summer; 5 days during the school year)
• Sessions at summer state mathematics conference
(Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics
Teaching, July 14-17, 2010 in San Antonio)
AMDM Superstars!
For 2010-2011 Implementation
• Instructional Materials: Revised based on teacher feedback
• Professional Development and Support
– 10 5-day summer institutes with AMDM-certified
trainer teams (TX, MA, RI)
– 2 one-day follow-up sessions (flexible)
– Increased online support modules
• Support through online web communities
• Summer follow-up: strand at CAMT (TX Math Conference)
(by-demand speakers/topics, sharing sessions)
• Teacher Unit Overviews
• Teacher Sec3on Planner
• Student Ac3vity Sheets
• Teacher Versions of Student Ac3vity Sheets
• Materials sampler downloadable at:
State Board Actions/Implications
• July 2009: SBOE chose not to adopt AMDM as Career/Technology
• Left door open for future consideration of AMDM as math course
• November, 2010: SBOE asked TEA for independent panel review
• TEA tentatively set review for summer 2010
• District option for 2010-2011 school year:
– Offer AMDM as Mathematics Independent Study
TAC 74.63 b(2), with Algebra II prerequisite, as described in TAC 111.52
From teachers...
•I love it.
The students are always asking me, “When will I
ever use this?” In this course, they can see how they are
going to use math.
•I find it very interesting and exciting - a breath of fresh air.
I am really excited to reach students who may
or may not have had much success in math. I like how
justification has such importance in this content.
From teachers...
“This is the first workshop I have attended that
actually models the method for instruction rather
than just lecturing while telling teachers not to
lecture! My method of teaching other math
classes has been greatly impacted by the training
for AMDM. I highly encourage teachers to take
part in this training not only for this specific
course, but also any other course they teach.
What a difference it made to me!”
AMDM Pilot Teacher
Thanks to our working groups…
Teachers, Math Supervisors, Curriculum Experts,
College/University Mathematics Faculty:
Julie Acosta
Stuart Boersma (WA)
Sandra Browning
Tom Butts
Joyce Collett
Mark Daniels
James Epperson
Molly Ewing
Kelly Flickinger
Greg Foley
Linda Gann
Paul Gray
Sallie Kay Janes
Stephen Maurer (PA)
Susan May
Bonnie McNemar
Maggie Myers
Michael Ota
Connie Richardson
Tricia Rothenberg
Rita Tellez
Sherri Waddey
Pam Walker
Carmen Whitman
Jim Wohlgehagen
Linda Zientek
Lana Zimmer
Wade Ellis (CA)
Dana Center Staff
And a HUGE
Thank You
Greater Texas
Cathy Seeley (AMDM Project Director)
[email protected]
Molly Ewing (coordinating AMDM institutes)
[email protected]
Pam Walker (leading AMDM materials development)
[email protected]
Michael Ota (AMDM online communities)
[email protected]
Thanks to Bonnie McNemar for professional development
Advanced Mathematical Decision Making web site