SimplyWell at your fi ngertips.... What is SimplyWell?

SimplyWell at your fingertips....
What is SimplyWell?
SimplyWell is a personal and confidential online health management program designed to improve your health
and reduce healthcare costs. We offer an onsite Health Screening, an online Health Risk Questionnaire, health
education tools, resources and a detailed personal Individual Action Plan.
What is an onsite Health Screening?
An onsite Health Screening includes a finger stick blood draw, blood pressure check and height and weight
measurements. Fast 8 to 12 hours before the screening, drink plenty of water and prescription drugs are acceptable. If you are
diabetic, check with your physician before fasting.
What is a Health Questionnaire?
Our Health Questionnaire is a comprehensive set of questions about your health history and current health.
The information you provide on the questionnaire and the results from your Health Screening are used to
create your own online Health Report.
What is my online Health Report?
Your online Health Report provides detailed information on your current health, from cancer and coronary
risks to nutrition and fitness status.
What is my Individual Action Plan?
We use your results from your Health Report and make recommendations for you to start making immediate
changes to maintain or improve your health. You can manage Appointments and use Health Trackers to
document daily health activities from your Action Plan.
What other benefits do I have with SimplyWell?
SimplyWell provides telephonic health coaching by Registered Nurses throughout the program. It starts with
the initial call after your Health Screening. You may also contact SimplyWell nurses with any health related
questions 24 hours/7 days a week.
You will have access to health libraries, interactive health presentations and detailed health guides that cover
thousands of topics.
You will also be able to track health appointments and other important health information including: allergies,
surgeries, medications, blood pressure, weight and much more!
Who has access to my Personal Health Information?
You are the only person with access to your information. You can provide temporary access to your lab results
by setting up a temporary 24-hour user ID and password. SimplyWell complies with HIPAA and all applicable
federal regulations.
What is the goal of SimplyWell?
We believe information is power. By providing you with your current health status and the resources to understand and make healthy behavior changes, we empower you to be proactive in managing your health and
making it a top priority in your life.
For additional information, email us at [email protected] or
call us at 1.877.991.9355 or visit us at
Health Trackers (2000 or 1000 point total*)
Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar
Breast Self-Exam
Fruits & Vegetables
Testicular Self-Exam
Weight (scale)
Weight Management Program
daily (only those that report they have asthma)
daily (only those that report they have diabetes)
monthly (women)
weekly (only those that report they have diabetes)
monthly (men)
*If you earn 2,000 points in Health Trackers, earning Education Module points are "optional."
*If you earn 1,000 points in Health Trackers, earning Education Module points are "required."
Appointments (1,000 point total)
Annual Doctor's Routine Visit
Bone Density Screens
Dental Exam
Eye Exam
Flu Shot
Pap and Pelvic
Physician Office Visit
Pneumococcal Vaccination
PSA Screen
Tetanus/Diphtheria Booster
annual (500 points)
2 years (250 points)
5 years (750 points)
semi-annual (250 points)
annual (250 points)
annual (250 points)
annual (500 points)
annual (500 points)
annual (follow-up - 500 points))
5 years (250 points)
annual (250 points)
7 years (250 points)
Wellness Events (4 @ 250 points each) - Yearly Limits
Organized Community Wellness Events (Relay for Life, Diabetes Walk, etc.) - 1 time per year
Athletic League (Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Bowling, etc.) - 2 times per year
Wellness Events (Speakers, Wellness/Benefits Fair, etc.) - 4 times per year
Stress Management Seminar or Class - 1 time per year
Massage - 1 time per year
Family Activities (Walking, Hiking, Basketball) - 1 time per year
SimplyWell Education Modules (5 @ 200 points each)
Select and view five (5) education modules through SimplyWell's website. You can view modules according to your
designated health risk areas or browse modules by topic area. You may choose to earn 2,000 points in the Health Trackers
category in lieu of the Education Modules category.