CIVIL SERVICE EMPLOYEES COUNCIL March 4, 2010 Capitol Rooms, University Union

March 4, 2010
Capitol Rooms, University Union
Roll Call
Present: Leslie Apel, Chris Brown, Suzanne Boussaard, Pam Bowman, Jim Buffalo, Laura Caldwell,
Hillary Churchill, Amber Dodds, Carla Farniok, Rich Hamilton, Tishly Herrington, Sheila Kirby, Ed Lavin,
Dan Rathjen, Bill Rupert, Kim Sedgwick, Jamie Shuda, Jackie Thompson, Martha Youngmeyer
III. Minutes (Suzanne Boussaard)
The February minutes were presented for approval. Jamie made a motion to accept the minutes and
Martha Youngmeyer made a second. Motion passed.
IV. Treasurer’s Report (Jim Buffalo)
Jim reported the current balances for all three accounts. Previous balance for the General Account was
$4,063.88 but a $20 VPC charge was deducted in February; making the new balance $4,043.88. The
Scholarship Account had a previous balance of $7,631.01. The following deposits were made $19.00
(Investment Revenue), $351.99 (Contributions) and $2,450.43. The new balance is $10,452.43. The
Endowment Fund stays unchanged at $102,400.00. A motion was made by Jamie to approve the
report. It was seconded by Laura. Motion passed.
President’s Report (Ed Lavin)
Ed reported on topics recently discussed at the President’s Advisory Group meeting. There is a bill in
Springfield regarding rescinding tuition waivers for dependents of university employees. This bill is still
with committee. Most believe it will not pass. There is also a bill regarding Greek organizations on
university campuses which will require sprinkler systems to be installed in their facilities. The
University’s role in this is very minimal. There was discussion also at the meeting regarding whether or
not McDonough District Hospital and Family Practice would continue with CIGNA. No official decision
has been made yet. Individuals concerned over this as well as the need for more physicians should
write to MDH expressing their concerns. Suzanne announced a new physician is due to begin in April
or May.
VI. Civil Service Employee of the Month (Tishly Herrington)
Tishly announced Stacy Hunt in AIMS is the March Employee of the Month. Her presentation was
yesterday. Tishly also reported that two nominations have been received for future consideration. This
is a nice number. However, more nominations are always welcome. The form can be found on the
CSEC website.
VII. Vice President for Administrative Services Report (Jackie Thompson)
Jackie reported a legislative bill allowing universities to borrow money was passed by the Senate. This
bill is very restrictive and there needs to be Board of Trustee resolution before the University can
proceed with borrowing money. Jackie emphasized this is only IF it becomes necessary and as a very
last option. Administration is keeping all options open. Jackie addressed a rumor regarding the layoff
of Building Service Workers. The rumor is that – a rumor. Employees are asked to keep in mind that
information regarding layoffs will come from Administration and not from the Unions, not from TV, not
from the grapevine. She reminded Council members of her open door policy and encouraged members
to assist with snuffing out rumors. If individuals have any concerns or worries, they should contact her
or Pam Bowman. They will be more than happy to talk to employees about this or any other issues.
Director of Human Resources (Pam Bowman)
Pam reported the SUCSS auditors were on-campus February 16-19. It will take approximately
three to six months for the final audit report from SUCSS. The WIU SHRM Student Chapter
requested an opportunity to job shadow in order to gain a better understanding of “real world”
challenges and responsibilities of human resource professionals. Renee Simpson, Anita Sells,
Linda Farr and Pam Bowman will be participating. There are several upcoming events:
“How Much is Enough” will be next week; April 27 is the service recognition reception; and
May 4 Western Walks which will take place at Hansen Field and based on a team concept.
Employee Advisory Committee Representative (Sheila Kirby)
Sheila had no report other than she will be attending a meeting in Carbondale next month.
WIU Quad Cities Campus Report (Chris Brown)
Faculty, staff and students are planning for the Groundbreaking on March 23rd. Everyone on the
counsel was invited and encouraged to invite others as well. Chris asked Ed and the counsel their
thoughts on the QC Civil Service employees forming a more formal chapter at the QC campus so that
they could more effectively participate and work on issues and benefits directly affecting their campus
and workplace. Ed Lavin stated that he would look at other Illinois campus models that are similar to
Western's and come up with a model which we could work with.
XI. Representative Reports to Council
1. Affirmative Action Internship (Tishly Herrington)
2. Accreditation Committee (Martha Youngmeyer)
3. Women’s Center (Martha Youngmeyer)
The Women’s Center sponsored or co-sponsored several activities in February, including National
Girls and Women in Sports Day activities; the V-Day Campaign with “Until the Violence Stops”
documentary screening and “The Vagina Monologues” performances; “Go Red for Women” Heart
Healthy Luncheon; and “My Healthy Heart” presentation by Dr. Karkare; all of which were held in the
Multicultural Center (MC), as well as the “Pink Zone” breast cancer awareness event in Western Hall
and the Eating Concerns Coalition’s Eating Wellness Symposium at the Student Recreation Center.
Women’s History Month began March 1, with a reception and dedication of the “Honoring Our
Mothers” window and plaque with the honorees’ and donors’ names in the Women’s Center lounge.
Also March 1 the Women’s Art Exhibit Opening Reception was held to kick-off the month-long display
of the Women’s Art: Women’s Vision exhibit featuring artwork submitted by students, staff, alumni
and community members. March 10 will be the Women’s Center Red Cross Blood Drive in the
Multicultural Center, 10:00am – 2:30pm. To donate, please register ASAP on-line at
p=61455&did=279248&region=2 The Women of Color Seminar will be held Saturday, March 27, in
the Multicultural Center. Registration is $5 for students, and $7 for non-students and is due by
Friday, March 12. Please visit our Web site at and our Facebook Page (WIU
Women's Center) for updated information on our programs and activities.
4. Web Page (Jim Buffalo)
Jim reported that Scott Lawson will be turning the management of CSEC’s website over to the
Council some time during the summer. Also, Scott is working on adding a group recognition spot
under the Employee of the Month.
5. Provost Advisory Council (Amber Dodds) The Council is scheduled to meet on March 22.
6. Training and Development (Carla Farniok) Carla announced several upcoming Microsoft Office
and Zimbra training sessions as well as “Go Western” program which has several components
scheduled between March 30 and May 11 . There will be Go Network, Go…for the Flowers, Go
Read, Go Dance, and Go Dress for Success.
7. Technology Advisory Users Group (Jim Buffalo) No report.
8. Web Accessibility (Amber Dodds) Amber reported meetings are being scheduled.
9. Technology Cabinet (Jim Buffalo) No report
10. University Diversity Council (Tishly Herrington) No report
XII. Committee Reports
1. Appeals/Award Fund (Bill Rupert) No report
Award Selection (Dan Rathjen) Dan reported three or four applications have been received. April
9 is the deadline for dependent scholarship applications.
3. Constitution / Election (Jim Buffalo) Jim is working on the upcoming election. He encouraged
members to talk with prospective council members as we need one in each group – except for the
Quad Cities. He will see that the election information is posted on the website, the e-bulletin board
and in the Campus Connection.
4. Education (Hilary Churchill) No report
5. Mentoring (Kim Sedgwick) Kim reported two new employees have been hired. They are Amy
Brown, Office Support Associate, Biology and Stephanie Huston, Clerical Assistant, Development.
6. Salary (Suzanne Boussaard) No report
7. Social Events & Development (Hilary Churchill) Hilary has reserved the Heritage Room for May
12 for the spring luncheon. However, most members felt it would not be a good week since it is
also Final Exam Week. Hilary will see if she can reserve the room for May 5. She is scheduled to
meet with Sodexo next week to work on the menu.
8. Committee on Committees (Richard Hamilton) No report
9. Systems Policy Committee (Bill Rupert) The Committee has completed work on the policy and
have submitted it to President Goldfarb for his review and approval.
10. Technology Cabinet Committee & Users Group (Jim Buffalo) No report
11. University Diversity Council (Tishly Herrington) No report
XIII. New Business
There was no new business raised at today’s meeting.
XIV. Old Business
1. Proposed Language for CSEC Actions for Constitution (Donation): (Jim) Tabled to next meeting.
2. FRBR Screens: (Suzanne / Pam Bowman) Pam reported she had spoken with the Business
Office regarding the possibility of offering group training sessions. Business Office personnel are
more than happy to work with/train one-on-one with any individuals who need assistance with the
3. Golf Outing: Ed has not been able to talk to golf course personnel regarding possible dates. In the
meantime, he requested Council members to be aware of any other major events scheduled in May
or June so as not to compete with them.
4. Presidential Search: Ed announced Tishly was collecting the Statement of Interest letters from
employees who would like to serve on the Presidential Search Committee. She will compile the
received statements and distribute to Council members within the next week.
5. Open Forum with the President: Ed announced the Open Forum with President Goldfarb is
scheduled for April 5 in the Sandburg Theatre. Please share the date with others.
6. Garage Sale: Ed brought up the subject of conducting a garage sale in the east arena of Western
Hall. The arena is available May 8 . Discussion followed. Some feel a later date such as in
August with students returning to school would be a better time than at the end of the semester.
Also, many Council members expressed the desire to have very specific guidelines as to what
would be accepted and what items would not be accepted. A brief discussion took place with
regard to how the funds raised would be dispersed. All decisions on this subject were tabled.
7. Survey regarding Budgetary Solutions: Discussion took place regarding whether or not CSEC
should send out a survey similar to what COAP did recently. The discussion also included ideas on
the content. Hilary made a motion to send a survey out to all civil service employees. The motion
was seconded by Tishly. Yes votes: 10 No votes: 5 Motion passed. Ed requested Council
members to email him within the next week any suggestions as to the contents of the survey.
Group Concerns
There were no group concerns.
Announcements Next meeting: April 1, 2010 in the Capitol Room in the University Union
Adjournment: Martha made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion was seconded by Rich. Motion
passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:45pm.