CSBS Senate Minutes Monday, Feb. 11, 2013 315 Sabin 3:15 pm

CSBS Senate Minutes
Monday, Feb. 11, 2013
315 Sabin
3:15 pm
Present: Chuck Holcombe (History), Jim McCullagh (Social Work), Andrew Gilpin
(Psych), Tim Strauss (Geography), Elaine Eshbaugh (SAHS—Vice chair and secretary),
Taifa Yu (Political Science), Cyndi Dunn (SAC--Chair), Richard Featherstone (Interim
Associate Dean)
Basom and Hoffman are present from Dept of Political Science regarding curriculum
changes. Chatham-Carpenter from Comm Studies is present to present information
regarding Cornerstone LAC course.
1. Minutes from 12/3 approved with changes:
a. Remove names of those who are nominated for college awards but do not
receive them.
b. Agreement is misspelled.
2. Political Science curriculum
a. Basom and Hoffman review proposed changes.
i. New course: Women in Politics POL GEN 4175 (taught
experimentally now)
ii. Dropped course: International Diplomacy and Negotiation POL
INTL 3129—was added to curriculum but never taught
iii. Course number changes: POL INTL 2147 is changing from 3000
level and to biannually
iv. POL COMP 3135: name change to Politics in Europe
v. POL COMP 3164: name change to Russian and Eurasian Politics
vi. POL 3166: slight change of pre-req
vii. International Affairs minor: changing due to program cuts, course
deletions, etc.
viii. Changes to two certificates to reflect course additions and
deletions in program
b. McCullagh moves to approve package as an entity; Eshbaugh 2nd; motion
3. Proposed change to LAC: 1st year Cornerstone course
a. Chatham-Carpenter explains history of the course
b. Course proposal initially came from Foundations of Excellence self-study;
has been taught experimentally for two years
c. Chatham-Carpenter would like to see interdisciplinary instructors teach
this course; issues with covering courses if taught outside Dept of L & L
and Dept of Comm Studies
d. 21 sections past year; about 20-25 students in each section
e. Chatham-Carpenter is the coordinator with a leadership team
f. About 10% of students don’t continue into 2nd semester; discussion of
“continuity”—benefits and drawbacks of having students and instructor
together for two consecutive semesters
g. Motion to table until next meeting to allow for further discussion; motion
Discussion of new curriculum system and “best” ways to do consultations so they
are not missed
Tenure track faculty scholarship award
a. Information on candidates available in Dean’s office
b. We will table this until Feb. 25 to allow more time for review
Next Monday (Feb 18): SAC and SAHS curriculum review
Will meet the next 3 Mondays
Comments from Associate Dean
a. Discussion of enrollment numbers; anecdotal evidence we may have
“soft” numbers
b. Featherstone says that applications are down at the university level
compared to last year
c. Key indicator is yield: percent who apply who eventually enroll
Motion for adjournment; motion passes—meeting adjourns at 4:55 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Elaine M. Eshbaugh
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