Title: Urban Node
We can define the concept of urban node as a new family of urban equipment with new
functionalities. In the cities there are now street lamps which only provide light, and this concept
is changed in this project.
Thus the objective is to create a new urban element with different functions such as: produces
energy, is able to get different types of information (from different types of sensors and so on)
and drop it to a network, can be an electric car charge point, have a touch screen, etc.This
element should be ergonomic, ecological, useful, easy to maintain, secure, and very attractive.
It's important to say that in the 1st semester of 2013 IDPS and EPS projects have already been
done about the concept of urban node. So, this new project continues from the results obtained
in the previous IDPS and EPS projects.
Project Brief:
The Outcome of this project is to design a new concept of urban equipment that takes into
account the following aspects:
− It must generate more energy than it spends.
− It must be a design line and modular. It must be possible to install alone, on a wall or
façade, and with or without some elements like wind generator, solar cells, temperature
sensors, light, etc.
− It must be designed attending ecological parameters.
− Its structure must satisfy the following requirements: don't have contaminant elements,
be durable, be easy to maintain, be secure, and be easy to recycle.
− Study the possibility of smart structure of the urban node.
− Research on present and future applications like: car charge, camera dome, weather
station, parking sensor, mobile bts (base terrain station), etc.
− The design must be innovative and attractive.
From the results and proposals of the previous IDPS and EPS projects, in this new project
some of the issues that must be worked are:
- Definition and justification of the materials to be used in the construction of urban node.
- Cost-benefit analysis.
- Description of the manufacturing process.
- Description of the Marketing plan and product commercialization.
The final goal is to perform a detailed proposal of urban node, so that a company can
manufacture, install and commercialize it.
Address: Rambla Exposició 59 - 69
Contact person: Félix Ruiz Gorrindo [email protected]
Josep Farré Tarrés
[email protected]
Project team:
Number of students: recommended at least 5 students
Students speciality:
Business Management
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Industrial Design
Electronics Engineering
Telecom Engineering
Computing Engineering