Lions Volunteer Blind Industries Inc. Opportunity East Rehabilitation Department

Lions Volunteer Blind Industries Inc.
Opportunity East Rehabilitation Department
Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Job Description
POSITION: Orientation & Mobility Specialist
Seeking Orientation and Mobility Specialist to provide Professional O&M Evaluation and
Instruction that enables Individuals who are Blind or Visually Impaired to move about safely,
efficiently and independently in all environments via learning a variety of cane techniques and
travel skills designed by the O&M Specialist with the Client’s specific travel goals in mind.
Conduct O&M Evaluations and recommended Training Instruction for a referred Client on their
individual travel skills, ability to adapt to various environments and independent travel needs for
home, residential, business, college campus and work environments. Recommend Adaptive aids
such as Mobility Canes, Sun Filters, Monocular Telescopes, Hand Held and Stand Magnifiers are
some items recommended in the Evaluation process upon request of the O&M Instructor, Client
and or other Service Provider.
1. Conduct Orientation & Mobility Evaluations to assess Clients potential in safe and
independent travel skills and cane techniques in relation to Client stated O&M goals for
home, residential, business and or work environments.
2. Maintain contact with referral sources to schedule and coordinate all information
necessary to complete the evaluation and or training process.
3. Perform orientation and mobility evaluations that focus on long- and short-term needs of
the Client for new referrals and on-going Clients at intervals as designated by the
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Identify the needs and strengths of
the student and an estimate of the length and frequency of service necessary to meet
determined needs and include such information in the Evaluation and or Lesson reports.
Contribute to other appropriate portions of the IEP, such as goals and recommendations.
When requested confer regularly with parents, classroom teachers, physical education
teachers, physical therapists, and other school personnel to assist in home and classroom
modifications to ensure reinforcement of appropriate O&M skills that will encourage the
Client who is visually impaired to travel independently in these settings and in the future.
When necessary work with the teachers of students with visual impairments to conduct
the functional vision assessment as it relates to independent travel. Evaluate the O&M
progress on an ongoing basis and keep progress notes on each Client / Student that is
referred for O&M Services.
4. Discuss O&M recommendations with involved Client.
5. Compile Evaluation data, Lesson reports and make written recommendations to the
referring Counselor.
6. Make recommendations to Rehabilitation Manager for program improvement, participate
in team approach to rehabilitation department plan and participate in agency wide public
relation activities.
1. Orientation & Master’s Degree from an accredited University is required. Have or plans to
receive a Certification from the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and
Education Professionals (ACVREP).
2. Ability to travel to Itinerant O&M Clients and work in various locations when requested
(within a 120 mile radius of the Morristown; TN. worksite) is a requirement.
3. Ability to type a minimum of 25 correct words per minute and knowledgeable of Microsoft
Office, Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook E-mail applications.
4. Physical requirements (as generally categorized under "light" physical demands) include
standing and/or walking for extended periods of time (up to two continuous hours), sitting
for up to two continuous hours, typing up to two hours (with recommended breaks), lifting
up to twenty pounds, extensive reaching and handling, talking and hearing abilities.
5. Ownership and or daily availability of an automobile and a personal cell phone is preferred.
Minimum requirements for individuals seeking employment as an Orientation and Mobility
Specialist is a Master’s Degree in Orientation & Mobility.
Please include in Resume any O&M / Rehabilitation Internship experience that you may have
acquired from other Agencies.
Drug Test / Criminal Background check required.
Please contact: Lions Volunteer Blind Ind. HR Department
758 West Morris Blvd. Morristown; TN. 37815
Phone # 423-586-3922 Ext. 138