Rise of Imperial Republic of U.S.A are strengths and weaknesses in


Rise of Imperial Republic of U.S.A

Define the term: imperialism. What are strengths and weaknesses in pursuing empire?

Imperialism Defined

       Empire Building & Overseas Expansion An empire of liberty & Manifest Destiny Alaska: Seward’s Icebox Pacific Basin Initiatives The China Trades Pan American Union Diplomacy: Monroe Doctrine

The U.S. Economy

       Continental Power Industrial Dilemma Boom Bust Cycles Depression of 1893 The Frontier Thesis: FJ Turner Expansionists at Home and Abroad Neo MD: Mahan and Strong

The Spanish-Cuban-US War

    Ten Years War Cuban Independence Denied Economic Infrastructure & Investments Jose Marti and Independence of Cuba http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jos%C3%A9_ Mart%C3%AD  War and U.S. Role

Yellow Journalism

      McKinley Presidency Sensationalism Maine Incident: Remember the Maine & to Hell with Spain Jingoism and Public Opinion War and Imperial Interests The Foraker Amendment

Roosevelt Corollary: updating Monroe Doctrine

       Cuba’s Platt Amendment: Protectorate?

Panama: Canal Zone Diplomacy Nicaragua: Dollar Diplomacy Haiti: Interventionism Big Stick in Action Drago Doctrine:The America’s Response Stable, Orderly or Else!

The Chinese Melon

       The Opium War: British Imperialism De-stabilization of Manchu Dynasty Sino-Japanese War, 1895 Boxer Rebellion The Open Door Notes U.S. Commercial Expansion Sun Yat-Sen & Chinese Republic, 1911

Japan: The Rising Sun

       U.S. opens the door: Perry Expedition Meiji Restoration: Modernization Sino Japanese War: Japan has arrived Imperial expansion and Manchuria Russo Japanese War, 1904-05 The U.S., Root-Takahira Accords Pacific Rivalry and roots of Pearl Harbor

Pacific Initiatives

      Midway, Samoa and Oceania The Hawaiian Isle Intervention Treaty with Spain: Guam + Puerto Rico The Philippines: promises, promises Great White Fleet sets sail Imperial Debate: Expansionists v. Anti Expansionists. Impact on democracy?

U.S. Hegemony

What are the costs of building and maintaining an overseas empire? Evaluate the impact of U.S. image abroad.