Chabot College Basic Skills Committee

Chabot College
Basic Skills Committee
August 23, 2011
Carolyn Arnold (I.R.), Marcia Corcoran (Lang. Arts Dean), Katie Hern (Eng.),
Hisako Hintz (ESL, LA), Alisa Klevens (Eng.), Jennifer Lange (Bio/CTL), Rani
Nijjur (Psy.), Becky Plaza (Counsel), Jeanne Wilson (Spec Prog), Jane Wolford (Soc.
12:08 p.m. Call to order
Be thinking about who is interested in chairing in the future. Trish is committed through this year, but
she would like someone else to step into the role next year.
Title 3/BSI > Trish Leadership Conference Report
On the first evening, she was asked, “What problem did you come with? Her answer,“Exhaustion.”
After describing what things are like, people spoke directly to her about it. She carried this message
back to us: “We are doing heroic work and you need to tell yourself that every day and that you can
continue to do it. The challenge is to hold this space in spite of messages and heartbreak we face daily.”
Conference attendees suggested that we all consider whether and when we ask for help. How can we
help each other?
BSI Reporting requirements
The reporting requirements have tightened. We will be required to explain what we‟ve spent the
money on and provide data to show that how it has worked. Thanks to our Institutional Research
Office and our custom of tracking all courses affected, meeting these requirements will not be too
difficult. Carolyn Arnold will attend one day workshop (9/16) on these reporting requirements, and
George and Trish listened to teleseminars. Reports are due October 10, 2011.
Carlos Maldonado visit
Carlos Maldonado
Intern | The Campaign for College Opportunity
900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 924
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel: (213) 817-6034
Carlos has been hired to interview and write about what are thought to be successful Basic Skills
Initiatives. The report being generated will have similar distribution to the „poppy copy.‟ We are 1 of 7
colleges selected as having successful BSI underway. What do we want to talk about? Beyond our
101/102 work, what else do we want to highlight?
Reading Apprenticeship. Interdisciplinary, 60 people now trained, originally just 5.
All of us are responsible for students, no separation of basic skills
We are all research-driven basic skills instructors.
Learning Center → Embedded tutors – higher engagement
WRAC Supplemental Instruction – Alisa can speak to this
Fed Conference Slide Show
CTL Web site
Data-driven, cross-disciplinary
Contextualized Learning ECD/ESL; ATEC/ESL
Math – APDM – ALEKS software program (Ming Ho) Can he come?
65/55 acceleration (Anita) Matt Davis; Math Summer Bridge Program; Common final
exams for math classes; Adjunct Training for Math
RA STEM group → Science and Math 13-14 people
Sean MacFarland and Tom DeWitt > Daraja → Basic Skills
Copy of “Reading Between the Lines”
Focus on students and how we‟re helping them learn, rather than how we do business
Research/Inquiry driven
We are all basic skills instructors. We think about students and what are we doing to help?
How we got here – FIGs, Pedagogy – highlight FIGs that got us started. We tried a lot and
asked a wide variety of questions, trying to draw more people in who aren‟t from traditional
areas of basic skills. They could put forth proposals. No one was shut out of the process.
Inclusion and organic. Faculty-driven and widespread. Brought a lot more people into the
process. Promises made and delivered
Freedom and confidence to try without fear of failure → felt supported.
Invited creativity
What to talk about this year:
- Introduction to this year‟s FIGS,
- Jennifer Student video
- Assessment video – September 13/Intro to project
BSI Meeting Calendar and Topics
September 13
Intro to New FIGs
September 27
Flex Day
October 11
Transforming LPCs Assessment Video
October 25
IR Data Highlights
November 8
2010-2011 FIG Reports
November 22
Katie Hern: What I‟m doing and Learning
December 13
Social Lunch