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If you have looked at the first case study in this gallery, you will have seen sources that
give a British view of life in the British empire. In this case study you will examine a range
of sources that look at life in India under British rule. Study each of the sources carefully
and look for ways in which they support or contradict the views given in the first case
Create your own Online Exhibition about ‘Living in the British empire’, using the sources and worksheet provided.
The Background will help with an introduction to India as part of the British empire.
1. Print showing the
custom of sati, 1815
2. Trade between Britain
and India, 1814-35
3. Report on rebellion
against the British, 1858
4. Better Government of
India Bill, 1858
5. Illustration of the
imperial durbar, 1877
6. Photo of Indian troops
at Portsmouth, 1882
7. Indian National
Congress resolutions,
8. Report on the North
West Frontier, 1895
9. Photo of a railway
bridge, c.1900
10. Map showing famine
areas of India, 1900
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