Quiz Chapter 5

Quiz Chapter 5
1. (1 point) What is 1 atm in torr units? ___________________
2. (2 points) You fill the air in the tires of you car to about 32 psi.
What is this pressure atm units? (1 atm =14.7 psi)
3. (3 points) An aerosol can contains 400. mL of compressed gas at
5.2 atm pressure. When the gas is sprayed into a large plastic bag
that holds 2L of gas, what is the pressure in the bag.
4A. (4 points) What is the volume of 5.00 gm of Ne at -73o C and 760
4B. (4 points) What is the volume of this 5.00 gm of Ne after it is
heated to 130oC and the pressure in increased to 7600. torr.
5.(6 points) I have a 10 L container filled with N2 gas at 1atm. I will
drop into this container 8.0 g of solid CO 2 and seal the container.
A. When the solid CO 2 vaporizes what is the partial pressure of CO 2
in the container?
B. What is the total pressure in the container?
C. What is mole fraction of CO 2 in the container?