A Guide to Wallpaper Backgrounds

A Guide to Wallpaper Backgrounds
Using an internet browser, go to the
following address:
Choose a wallpaper pattern from the patterns
Move the cursor to the pattern of choice.
Click and hold the mouse button until a popup menu appears.
Continue holding while dragging the cursor
to Save this image as… and release the
Click on the Desktop icon in the window that
Click on the Save button.
Go to the Apple menu at the top left corner of
the screen.
Select Network Applications or Internet
Another menu will appear to the side of the
Select Fetch 3.0.3.
If the Fetch window does not appear
immediately, go to the File menu and select
New Connection.
Michelle Kennedy, Brent Volker, Jason Ryon, April Moyer
A Guide to Wallpaper Backgrounds
In the New Connection window, type the
HOST: “isua.iastate.edu”
USER ID: your username for Vincent
PASSWORD: your Vincent password
Click OK.
A window should appear that lists all the
documents and graphics in your personal
WWW directory.
Drag document from the desktop into the
Fetch window that lists the WWW directory
A dog icon will run on the screen while the
file is transferring to the WWW directory.
The document should be listed in the
directory after completing this step.
Within the Vincent directory, open the
homepage.html file.
After the <BODY BGCOLOR="#------"
prompt, press space bar and type in
A color code should replace the six dashes
after the pound sign and before the second
quotation mark, if you have already chosen a
background color.
Replace “image.jpg” with your chosen
wallpaper file name.
The wallpaper background overrides the solid
color background, so it is OK to leave the
command for a solid color background there.
Michelle Kennedy, Brent Volker, Jason Ryon, April Moyer
A Guide to Wallpaper Backgrounds
This line should look like the following:
<BODY BGCOLOR="#------" BACKGROUND="image.jpg">.
For example, if the image is called
“clouds.jpg”,the line would read:
<BODY BGCOLOR="#------" BACKGROUND="clouds.jpg">
If other commands are already written into the
body section, the “ >” sign should come at the
end of the entire body command.
Press the Control and the letter O keys
simultaneously to save the changes to your
web page.
Press Return/Enter.
Open the web page using Netscape Navigator
and click on the Reload button to see the
Michelle Kennedy, Brent Volker, Jason Ryon, April Moyer