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Page 1 of 3 Page 2 of 3 Page 3 of 3 Guide to Reading the Academic Advisement Report 1. The student’s University Identification Number *UID) is listed in the upper right corner. Declared academic career, program and plans (majors and minors) are listed under “Program”. Note: program certificates are not tracked on the advisement report at this time. Students declared in Colleges of Humanities & Fine Arts or in Natural Sciences prior to the merger in 2011 do not see the program and plan identified in section 1. 2. This section includes all courses currently registered for by the student with in‐progress (IP), incomplete (I), or research continued (RC) designations. In‐
progress (IP) courses will satisfy requirements (except where noted) and will be included in course count; incomplete (I) and research continued (RC) courses will be listed under “University Electives & Courses Not Used” until the final grade is posted. All courses must be graded prior to graduation. 3. Units Required for Graduation indicates the student’s units used (earned) and needed toward the minimum units to graduate for the student’s degree (BA=120). It does not include courses that are still in‐progress (IP, incomplete(I), research continued (RC), remedial courses (Intermediate Algebra or College Writing Basics), or units of credit beyond limited areas (such as those identified in #4). The tracking of units required for graduation in this section stops at 120 earned units. 4. Degree Unit Limits – Please note the maximum units accepted from 2‐year transfer institutions, credit by exam, credit/no credit, workshop, student teaching, and GIS/Extension are enforced per Faculty Senate policy. 5. The university Grade Point Averages are updated as grades are posted. Transfer GPA includes coursework from all transfer institutions. The Cumulative GPA is the combined UNI and Transfer GPA. A 2.00GPA is required to graduate from UNI. Some majors may require a student to meet higher GPA for graduation, which is tracked in Major Graduation Requirements setion. Major GPAs are also tracked in the Plan GPA section of the major. 6. University Competency Summary – Graduation requirements will always be listed in this area. Admission requirements for math and/or English will only show if required for the student. 7. Liberal Arts Core – Three possible options in this area: a. LAC 04 = No articulated Associate of Arts (AA) degree earned or pending b. LAC 04 AA PENDING with message ”You have indicated plans to complete an approved/articulated AA Degree from an Iowa Community College. Upon receipt of an official transcript verifying this, you will be held to UNI LAC Categories 2B and 6” = Articulated Associate of Arts (AA) degree pending final transcript. All LAC shows. c. LAC 04 ARTICULATED = Articulated Associate of Arts (AA) degree on record. Only LAC 2B and LAC 6 show on the student’s advisement report. 8. University Electives & Courses Not Used – Courses that do not count toward liberal arts core, major/minor or professional education requirements, OR are extra courses taken beyond the minimum requirements in these areas list in the first line. Any restricted credit (does not count toward degree) will be in a second line. 9. Declared plans (majors and minors) requirements. Requirements show per the requirements identified in the Catalog of Courses for the term the student declared. These requirements are personalized to the student. 10. At the end of the pdf version of the advisement report, a complete university course history is included. This is a list of all courses that are posted to the student’s record (UNI, other institutions, test credit). Repeat/replace codes are also shown in this list. Special Circumstance to Note: Courses currently being repeated for grade improvement are not counted as repeats until grades are posted at the end of the semester. While the course is in progress, both the original and repeat are considered two separate classes and may both satisfy some of the same requirements. It is a good practice to ask a student if they are currently repeating a class.