Violence: Group Project Visual Aid Assignment:

Chabot College
Language Arts
English 102
Violence: Group Project
Visual Aid
James Gilligan makes various claims about the causes and triggers that he believes contribute to
violence in our society. For this project you must work with your group to better understand his
claims and the examples he uses for the chapter you have been assigned. You all must then
share your understanding of the chapter and offer insights in the form of a visual presentation.
 Create a freewrite or response to your chapter. You can focus on a particular passage or
the reading as a whole. Your group will share these in your groups. I will collect
everyone’s freewrite in class.
 Based on these freewrites, your group will create a Master list (brainstorm) of Gilligan’s
claims or points. On one side you will brainstorm all of the points that make up
Gilligan’s argument but on the other side you should list your reactions and questions
relating to his specific points. Be sure to include page #s with the first few words for
your Master list.
 Using the freewrites and your brainstorm, your group will begin to flesh out the main
points and your group’s reaction or understanding of those points.
 Once you have brainstormed and narrowed down the scope of Gilligan’s argument, your
group will need to create a visual aid that represents these aspects of the reading. These
can be drawings, collages, graphic designs etc. The point is to have a visual
representation for everything your group feels is essential to the chapter or Gilligan’s
overall argument. This visual aid must also include at least 6-8 passages from the text to
further support your group’s analysis of the reading and your VA.
*If you are absent when your group is working on the project you will lose points on your
individual grade. You will also receive NO CREDIT if you are absent on the day of your group
presentation regardless of what you contributed beforehand.*
Chabot College
Language Arts
English 102
Violence: Group Project
In order for the presentations to go smoothly you should coordinate your presentation with your
members and be sure everyone knows what they are responsible for contributing to the
presentation. There should be a clear order to the presentation and you should attempt to make it
as balanced as possible so one person does not dominate the presentation.
Your group presentation should clearly explain:
 How you came up with your concept (how it relates to the chapter).
 The passages you selected and how they relate to your group's analysis/response to the
 Any connections to other sources or discussions we had in class.
Your Group Project grade will consider three things:
 How creative/relevant your project is.
 How clear/organized the delivery of your presentation is.
 How much you contributed to the process. All of these factors are taken into
consideration before your receive your individual grade.
Due Date: __________________
Chabot College
Language Arts
English 102
Group Project: Self Evaluation
These evaluations will be considered before I grade your project. I will use my own criteria for
grading the presentation and the visual aid, but I will use these when considering whether the
group will be given a grade or if individual grades are required. Please be as specific and honest
as possible when answering these questions.
List each person’s name--including yours--and briefly explain what they were each
responsible for.
How often did your group meet or discuss the project? Was everyone present during
these meetings/discussions about your project?
What are you most proud of? What least proud of?
What was the best part of working with your group?
What was the most difficult part of working with your group?
What one thing would you like to change or see done differently if I were to assign this
project in the future?