English Cindy Hicks Final: Library Assignment and Presentation

Cindy Hicks
Final: Library Assignment and Presentation
For your final, you will need to find two articles that respond to a question related to
Slave. (We generated some topics and questions in class.) You need to find both articles
from a database in our library. One of the articles should be from an academic journal,
which means that the article will have been peer reviewed. Both articles should be fairly
recent, within the past year or so.
After you find the articles, you will need to read them. TALK TO THE TEXT.
Complete the survey after you have talked to the text. (I will give you the survey; it’s the
one you’ve used before.)
When you come to class for your, bring your articles and the survey to turn in. You will
also turn in a Works Cited page, using the format on the library handout for citing
sources. Following each citation, please write a paragraph explaining how the article
informed your reading of Slave.
In class, you will orally summarize the articles and tell how they related to each other and
Slave. Your oral presentation will need to be 3-5 minutes long.